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May 2-4 Camping


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Where is the best place to go camping May 2-4 Weekend to just PARTY with a group of friends, rather then rough it up. I'm looking for a place with lots of other camp parties going on too, where we can meet lots of people and have a blast. Suggestions?

We're trying to plan one out, I've never been on a real camping trip, either just cabins, or would rather spend my weekends in the city, but this time it should be fun. Any suggestions about anything camping related? Is it practical to bring a full sized gas barbecue?


i would suggest renting or buying a coleman stove. much smaller and just as handy.

I've always camped in Algonquin(when i wasn't travelling somewhere) and i've always had a blast...but I'm not sure how great it is to party.

White Sands at Sauble Beach is a crazy party for May 24. Stay away from Hideaway campground though.
Yeah, Sauble beach is what my buddies had in mind, however nobodies every been so were uncertain.
Originally posted by Heat
White Sands at Sauble Beach is a crazy party for May 24. Stay away from Hideaway campground though.

Christ... Hideaway... jesus fucking christ... I used to go pretty well every long weekend in the summers... early 90's...

That place is INSANE... and this is coming from someone who *is* insane.
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Ive been to trudeau park the last 3 years .. it is in the town called tweed (thats where elvis lives, so they say). The place is huge with lots of people. It is actually one big party. In the center of the park they have 4x4 pits , on the outside of that is campgrounds, on the outside of that, is a road where people drive around on bikes, 4 wheelers, jeeps, big trucks, pretty much anything with a motor.. then there is a big stage area for bands and stuff..also a bar and showers etc.. I dunno what to say except it is FUN! lots of campgrounds with people just partying..

You can get tickets for it through ticketmaster sometime soon.

For 65$ you get a good weekend. Tweed is just about 1 1/2 hours east down the 401 a little north of belleville i beleive...

Check it out.. :)