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Maximum Music

Tricky kid

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psk.ca is proud to present an Essential Mix by Toronto's own DJ/Producer Dodz

here is the tracklisting:

**intro to atmo - dodz**

seba/chris j - cruising in time (new directions)
seba - hidden reflections (secret operations)
polyglot - facs and scythe (biotic)
lies RMX - blame (720)
klute - splendor (metalheads)
Amon Tobin - nightlife (ninja tune)

**descent into the abstract (interlude) - dodz**

noize creator - per thousand (ambush)
dj whiskey (aka bogdan raraczynski) - on the case (???)
knifehandchop (0=0rmx) - down with the techniques (tigerbeat 6)
heartworm - splinter (AKR-004)
squarepusher - my fucking sound (warp)
squarepusher - plastic flex out (warp)
heartworm - the dead key (AKR-004)

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