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Max Graham@ the Orange Room


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What a night. Better to phrase this as what it wasn't. No decent sized crowd, as is worthy of Max's talent. Maybe 40 people at most. Not much of a vibe, though some valiantly tried to get everyone dancing.
Really, it was a shame and I can't help thinking that the lack of promotion was to blame.
However, Max played a stellar 1 1/2 hr set, and he was really upbeat. He also spoke with, exchanged handshakes etc with everyone who stayed til the end. It's nice to see a DJ who cares about his supporters.
Maybe the next time he's here we can give him the reception he deserves.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Max Grahams appearance was announced on this board by someone around 2-3pm yesterday? Max Graham got the crowd he deserved in that respect. There was absolutely no advance promotion of his appearance.

Who fukked that up?



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I'm hurt...I was thinking of him the whole night, but I was stuck working on a website until midnight...a small crowd too...grrrrr.

Actually for some reason, I've had him listed in my calender since last week...although I can't remember how I knew.


I didn't hear about this untill two days before. I would have gone but I had a class a 8am the next day