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Max Graham @ System


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11:49 am....
Non 1 reply....

was that good that evryone is hammered ?

well....i'll find out later.....



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I was lucky to get in for free even after 11. Even though there wasn't one person in line for the 15 minutes I waited outside.

Brad Copeland's great. I always enjoy his sets and he's a hottie to boot. Really nice techy house with some solid beats. None of that girly shit and none of that trancy stuff. Just the perfect amount of funk and hard.

We ventured downstairs and it was ravetastic.
Psy-trancy stuff with lots of sweaty ravers and glo-stix. The vibe was alright actually but I wasn't in the mood for e-tards and PLUR.

We were all commenting on what a strange night it was. The crowd was really shady. Lots of newbies that looked like they had spilled over from Joker or Tonic. There was just a weird mix. I think everyone was jacked up on drugs last night (including us to cope with the new environment). Lots of really nice people who seemed like they HAD to act like they had a lot of attitude just because they were at System.

And I thought it wasn't much of a sausage fest as before. Lots of slutty girls, dancing queens and divas on the dancefloor.

The whole place is in mid-renovations so if the lights were on, it would've looked like a construction site. The white drapery doesn't hide plywood flooring. The bars have been moved around and the DJ is permanently set at the back where a new VIP area is going to be built.

After Brad, we positioned ourselves downstairs for some breaks. Don't know who the DJ but despite the trainwrecks and table bumps, he played some really refreshing breaks. Really old skool tracks mixed with semi-new remixes and a few hip-hop jams. I liked his sporadic sampling and mixing but he's gotta work on his technique. Maybe he was drunk. Nevertheless, good vibes.

Good to see Mr. Labrat and Mr. Jeffsus. I am now pregnant with Jeffsus' baby. And thanks to H2Whoa for being my partner in crime. Always a good time with you, buddy.

I didn't pay attention to Max Graham so someone can fill in that blank.


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1:22pm and I just crawled out of bed....

.... and I didn't even stay for the entire night!!

Got down there by 11 feeling somewhat tipsy, walked in and saw the energetic crowd and knew it was going to be good. Loved the vibe created from Max and Brad doing roughly 1/2 hr rotations, they just kept on trying to top each other... so the beats kept on getting harder, dirtier and more twisted as the night progressed.

Left at 5am and it was still crowded, no doubt the die-hards weren't leaving til the lights came on.

Nice to see Lisa back in town, catch ya in 3 weeks babe!



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Good times.

I'm not sure if I like the setup yet but it did start to grow on me by the end of the night. It's the shitty plywood smell that has to go.

I loved the tunes Brad was playing. His tracks are much more danceable for me with his chunky, throbbing beats than the dose of synths Max always plays. What I did hear from MG was good though.

The back room was super good. Lot's of old school tracks and many smiling faces. My company was superb. Labrat, Jeffus and Mofo we need to do that again but more proper if you know what I mean. Things could get dangerous though.
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managed to stick this one out for a little bit, but what i seen it was shaping up to be a great night...place was pretty full when i walked in...i'm trying to visualize what the place will look like when it's finished, but i hope they balance out the layout...i think it's important to have the booth sort of centre to the crowd, but it's definitely showing promise...

anyways, brad was playing some banging tracks when we came in & the crowd was loving it...spent most of this time socializing, but brad had the crowd worked up for max taking the decks...the first track he dropped was so tight...i've heard it quite a few times before, but pure howells...nice sound...i ducked out shortly after max started so i can't really comment too much more on max's set...

...i have to give max credit for the amount of effort that goes into making these shine events unique...way to go to all involved & i'll try to get energized for the next shine...by that time hockey season should be over :)


TECHno addict

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Originally posted by djcheezwhiz
brad had the crowd worked up for max taking the decks...the first track he dropped was so tight...i've heard it quite a few times before, but pure howells...nice sound

I think it was actually the last track that Brad dropped that your talking about, cause i thought the same thing. He hooked me up with the ID.

Rene Amesz - "Made Of Metal"


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Like I had been saying all night, that was probably the best Max Graham set I have heard since NYE 02.
Brad was on with his warm-up set, and built it nicely for Max.
Progressive, Techno, Trance, and then back to back MAx and Brad, awesome night of music!
I think I bailed at 5:00am and was still waiting to hear madoka - altered but had no luck. Glad I heard Faukson (Luke Fair Remix) as that track get's set's me off everytime.

As for System, I guess I can't give an accurate opinion cause it is not done. The sound was horrible with way too much bass but I can understand as it was kind of thrown together for Max. It seems like the dance floor is smaller now which wouldn't be too smart but I know the people behind the renovations know what they are doing so I'm not worrying much.

All in all a fun night with lot's of familiar faces! :D

Dr Funk MD

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These Shine nights are so great. I'm enjoying them more and more everytime I go to one. Max and Brad both played some excellent tunes. I especially liked the tech-house that Brad was playing early in the night. I also loved the visuals. The little animated stickman with Max's head bobbling up and down were hilarious.

It looks like after the renos the club is going to be quite different. I heard that there are going to be at least 4 times the number of bassbins put in then there was set up on Friday night. It sounds like it will be a kidney bursting good time in there soon. The only thing I'm going to miss is the VIP washroom. I've had so many surreal encounters and met so many odd people in that one little corner. I'm sorry to see it go.

As Sunny mentioned there were a lot of weird people there. The crowd definitely seemed different then the usual System crowd. There seemed to be many sketched out weirdos. All and all it seemed that most people were just interested in having a good time though. I got to meet a few new people and I even got to talk to Luke Fair for a bit which was super cool. I can't wait for Delta Heavy 2004 now! I also met H2Whoa and some other people who's names I forgot. And finally I want to give a big thanks to Tara for introducing me to sooooo many people, you made me feel very welcome and like I said, you made my night. Thanks!
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max graham

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awesome night....my first track was in fact pure howells...one of his...thankyou again to everyone..i was very happy to have brad involved from here on out...reminds me of the old days.

see you all in a few months



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Max and Lisa really do it up proper for these Shine events. The concept is really cool. I went to London on Saturday and there is a wicked buzz about their upcoming gig there. They are a little concerned with the appearence of the venue but I assured them that the Shine crew adds some serious vibe. It should be a wicked night for the very lacking London scene.

Even though I had to take off a little early, Friday night was probably my best Shine experience. The more I hear Brad outside the confines of warm-up duties at Stereo, the more I enjoy his deep Progressive style. Gone is the linear aspect of his sets. As crazy as it sounds I've often thought Brad's early sets in Montreal were too seamless. Now, his mixing is still super tight but he combines the manditory deep Stereo bass with funkier melodies still maintaining the rougher sound which I believe are his roots. You can really here the Kleinenberg influence in his music and Lord knows I love that. Sunday at the Comfort Zone was a wicked extension to Friday. The Porter Mix of "Higher Thoughts" is simply epic.

I'm dissapointed that I wasn't around for Brad's return to the decks on Friday. However, I'm super happy to know that the System crowd and manangement got the opportunity to listen to some quality minutes from a top Canadian talent who definitely needs to spin in this city more often.

Max opened his set really well on Friday. For as many times I hear that track coming from Howells, I can never anticipate when that killer stutter kick comes in. Absolutely crazy! The Luke Chable track was also a nice way to get things going. Overall, another solid night for the transitioning new System Soundbar. I can only imagine what its going to be like when its finished. Ahhh! We're suppossed to rest after Miami (Nice to see ya Vinder). Out the window with that idea.


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Max & Brad make such a great team it's ridiculous....like seriously - how fun was that?!?!?!?!
I've seen both play dozens of times, but only once together (at Tonic a few years ago), and it's just so evident how they feed off each other.
The addition of Brad has made an already great night even better.

Great music, great people, great times.
Another fun night.

As always Max, Lisa and everyone else who helped out, made a club in the middle of a renovation look top notch by the time the doors opened at 10pm. The extra effort they make goes a long way to making Shine the great night that it is.

And as always, Brad's encore at the zone on sunday night was great fun....how can you not have fun (even at least at other people's expense) at the Scumfort???

Great stuff!


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Originally posted by videotronic
as if youd know, mr. "i go home at 3am"
it was actually 5am.....and it was only b/c of your lame-o chauffer....so bite me...hahaha :p
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Metal Morphosis

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Originally posted by SJN
it was actually 5am.....and it was only b/c of your lame-o chauffeur....so bite me...hahaha :p

oooooooooh okay mister 'i can't drive manual transmission'

you both suck
and will never ride in my non-wagon EVER again.

Thanks to everyone who continually come to support the night. I had a great time catching up with old friends so can't really comment much on the music. Nice to have fellow Montrealer Brad in the house.

Looking forward to the next one.


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copeland and graham are doing sets similar to what they did at system on proton radio right now...
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Originally posted by TECHno addict
I hope these sets are available for download!!!
if you missed it, it'll be aired on proton again tomorrow (friday) from noon - 2pm