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Max Graham @ Life???


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How was it????
Any lingering drama present?



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What a night!!!

Max ripped up the dance floor with what sounded like alot of new tracks. At times the dance floor was so hyped up you'd swear it was a mosh pit.
It was packed @ the start of the night and hotter then hell. We could barely dance with so many people cutting through the crowd. However once the bar closed the floor emptied about half way amd let some serious dancing begin.

Max scratched a 2 or 3 times and the crowd just loved it. He was simply amazing, although he didn't seem too into it @ times. And he left suddenly after his last record. It may have been becuase he was concentrating on the new records, or something with the club rubbed him the wrong way. There was some interaction with the crowd but not as much as i've seen in the past.

By far one of the best sets i've hear him spin outside of ottawa. his set was 10 out of 10.

As for the club, We saw a few people get kicked out and a few lover spats. Some really strung out people in various parts of the club however i seemed as though alot of thee crowd was there for Max, the energy was high. It was really smokey for the first part of the night, but didn't bug me after I started dancing. I wouldn't go back unless a worthy DJ was spinning (Max) as i would wonder what it's like when a lot of fans aren't there.

Over all great night and look forward to seeing Max again it the future, a road trip to ottawa to see the man @ his best!!!

David H.

Money may buy you everything,
But music makes you happy.


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Well, it's Sunday night and by the amount of TBK that have written a review I'm guessing not many of you attended. No wonder the crowd was total shite! I know there was quite a bit of Guvernment bashing a couple weeks ago but IMHO this crowd was worse, not really in their appreciation for the music but more in their appreciation for their fellow partiers. Lots and lots of pushy shovey people, I might have heard only one excuse me or sorry man. Up until about 4 the crowd was not friendly at all. After 4 the bad people went and the friendly people stayed, so that was alright. Probably if it wasn't so hot in there everone would have been a lot less irritable.

What a shitty venue. Ceramic tile is a GREAT surface to dance on; hard and slippery. And you can't breath in there either. I don't think the giant fan to the left of the booth counts as "fixing the ventilation". Right in front of the fan is really the only comfortable spot in the whole club. The sound system isn't great, at least not what I'm used to. The only thing I liked about the place was the bathroom fixtures. The faucets are high enough from the sink to soak your head in, cuz if you're not dancing in front of the fan that's your only other option if you don't want to pass out from heat exhaustion.

And now to the good part, Max's set! Fucking great, he played a lot harder than his set at Turbo. Once again, Scorchio was the track that did it for me, and throwing on Tarrentella's Saturn near the end kept the crowd going nuts. That scratching thing started a bit wierd but after a bit sounded pretty cool. Now was his set better or worse than his last one at Turbo? Yes, but the crappy venue kept me from enjoying it. Which is the reason I won't be going to Life ever again. I just really hope Max doesn't end up in a shitty venue next time he drops by. I think a breath night would do this man some justice.
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well the place has air conditioning, let's give it that. I think the main problem with the heat is over the dance floor though, there needs to be something to suck the air out.

Max was incredible, as was expected.

Its a shame I had to leave early.

Peace & love. D


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The night was alright, I expected better for some reason, maybe because when we saw and heard him at Turbo it was amazing. The venue at Life could have been better, way, way, too hot for my taste, and the crowd was not the greatest. Too many guys, not enough girls makes for a unpleasent evening. Lots of shoving on the floor, and bumping. Too many sketchy people too.

As for his set, I found it full of new tracks, and a lot darker than when we checked him at Turbo, didnt really get into it.

OLM from HOM

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What a great night ... had a blast!!! Max threw down a really good set that had me dancing throughout. I have no complaints about the club itself other than the intense heat. The main reason that place is so hot has to be because of that damn lighting room. If anyone's ever stepped in there before, they'll know what I'm talking about. From there the heat spreads to the rest of the club, causing meltdown. As for the crowd complaints, I don't really care about the crowd when there's good music. As for sketchy people, I know I've seen more at Turbo, it's just that LIFE is so much smaller that they're more visible ... Continuing on, this set was way better than his set at Turbo, which left me frowning a bit. Big respect to Max ... especially when he surprised me by playing the Deep Dish mix of Vaiio's Rapture. What a choooon! Anyhow, good to see Max is at his best ... I'd love to hear him play at Gatecrasher. Look forward to him coming back. Hopefully it's soon.

Wonder who Ronnie and Rob are bringing to LIFE for August ...?!?!

As for ChrisD, the only reason you thought that Turbo set was any good was because you were promoting it ... lol ... If Saturday's set was in Turbo, that would've been incredible, no doubt.

Oh, and for the guys at LIFE, what you guys should do is buy a few more of those industrial fans, and hang them from the ceiling, so they blow right down onto the crowd.



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As for ChrisD, the only reason you thought that Turbo set was any good was because you were promoting it ... lol ... If Saturday's set was in Turbo, that would've been incredible, no doubt.

Hate to break it to ya, but Im not a promoter, or even close to one, just thought the set at Turbo was better thats all. it might have been just me though. I just didnt like the venue.
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Temper Tantrum

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Not much to say that hasn't already been said, My first time to Life in a while, it isn't that bad a club, just small and crowded. Max threw down an excellent set, unlike what I've heard him spin before, much darker I thought then his usual stuff, but he played the crowd well. I was too jetlagged (the vodka redbulls were probably counterproductive
) too dance much and left around 3:30 AM, but what I heard I liked.

t. tAnTrUm