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Max Graham @ Giant


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i assume from the Friday night stories
) nobody went to this party on Saturday...i've read some reviews elsewhere about this party, but I have to say Max is by far one of the most enjoyable djs to go see @ a party...

i arrived a little later than usual missing the warmup, & arrived during Maxs' set...but all i can say is this guy looks like he's having a hell of a good time dj'ing & it really reflects in his sets & interaction w/ the crowd...my highlight was his little percussion interlude using the 12" as the drumskin & his fingers as the sticks; gradually working in another track, taking the crowd to another level (whatever thats supposed to mean)...i'm not one really for tracknames so unfortunately can't give much of a playlist, but i know he threw in a lot of cdrs, & of course airtight...

i've been lucky to listen to Max now on several occasions, (last time being the final evolution weekend @ the old "I")& gotta say its only a matter of time/if not already b4 this guys not just opening for Oakenfold, but playing the big rooms @ peak time...

& congrats to the organisers of Giant..definitely a wicked vibe @ the party, some familiar faces, & overall good atmosphere...stretch & hooker kept the crowd going til i left about 7 (which wasn't an easy task after Max) with some nice house traxx...

& finally i gotta say the summer was fun, but with breathe @ system, giant @ turbo, the milk party this friday avec dimitri, & the other wicked parties lined up, the fall is shaping up to be hot!!!

cheers, jc


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The biggest track of the night on Saturday ... the thing with the huge hoover build thing in it ... just think back ... yeah! ... that HUGE track ... that's Max's new remix of a track coming out on Platipus.

Fookin' gr8
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just to clarify:
not a hoovver in the Noom/Tinrib sens of the word...its more like a jet plane crashing...


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Isn't that jet plane sound called a 'flange' affect, or something? Where's a gear-whore when you need one to help explain something technical?!?



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a flanger is similar to a jet going overhead. this is more like a jet plane crashing. on top of your house.while your in the living room.

to answer your question..-a flanger is basically a form of delay,combining a delayed signal with itself,undelayed. it is also called a comb-filter effect.