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Max Graham@Fluid


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Kinda caught this one on the fly (Fluid's GM is an Ex-manager of mine's who came by for dinner and convinced me to come by)

Max is always on point! Good tracks, couple of problems with the decks (needles) it looked like. I was only there for about 2 hours of his set, but the crowd was rockin'!

Little bit of a "sausage fest" mixed with a relatively weak crowd but nonetheless a decent time.

Nowhere near his last Guvernment set.




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yeah, the music was good, but the crowd wasn't really into it. most of the ppl were just standing around for the first hour or two of maxs' set...

max had some crazy scratching going on!

bed time now...



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First of all, I really enjoyed the decorations and effects that Gold Club brought into Fluid for this event ... the laser, the fountain, etc. Too often, it's easy to go overboard with cheesy advertising gimmicks, but I found everything to be quite classy.

On to Max ... he definitely spun a lot more tribal and housier than previous sets I've heard (particularly the Kool Haus gig), which fit nicely into the format of Sundays and Fluid, but I thought it could have been a little harder. Nonetheless, Max Graham displayed his usual energy behind the decks and squeezed in some great scratching. The tunes became more melodic towards the end of the night, although I left around 2:15am as the crowd thinned.

I'll agree that more people could have been dancing rather than holding up the bar. Fluid has such a fashionable clientele, why wouldn't you show it off on the dancefloor?! Ah well.

Overall, I had a great time. Perfect way to cap off the weekend, and as an added bonus, I felt fine this morning at work. ;)


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i had a few to drink, so I can't make a fair opinion of Max's set. i enjoyed the music, but it didn't "transport" me like Oliver manages on some nights there. he seemed to be playing to the venue instead of his own style...

oh, it was my first time at Fluid since the renovations and I gotta say the new lighting machine is excellent! yellow lasers rock!

i used to go to ZRF's Fluid night a lot before, and the reason I stopped going is the crowd... too many people trying to outcool each other and trying to get laid. nothing wrong with trying to get laid itself, but when the ratio is 3 to 1 guys to girls, it can make for a rather hostile environment.

on the positive side, the friendly staff reminded me why i did keep going back...


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Let me be the one to say .... Max Graham is a "Godd." He put a solid set forward last night at Fluid. He kept the levels up all night and from 12:30 until 4:00am myself and Urrybody around me couldn't stop dancing.

Perhaps my view of the club was skewed as I was part of the large bubble around the DJ booth worshipping the divine turntable technique being exposed. Max has a gift for being able to play to the crowd. What I didn't understand was all the kidds in the other room? Why pay to get in and listen to crap when there is a headliner putting on a stellar performance?

The venue wasn't as bad as some people are claiming. The 3 to 1 ratios are typical of all ZRF events from Hotel, Inside, to Fluid, but you can't forget that the women are outstanding as well. Lots of class acts and people who like to party. I can agree that the along bar was a typical Fluid lineup of people just third party observing.

This party was Slammin' -- Off The Hook and it was all because of a single central force!


"Cuz yo Rexdale is Showin"
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Originally posted by todiefor
Curious: what type of shit does Okiver spin when he's rocken decks at fluid????????
The format for Sundays at Fluid is TRIBAL. Mark Oliver would generally spin on the more progressive side, whereas Aubrey Richards leans towards a housier, NYC sound.


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so no trance? I assume people at fluid are a little too cool for that?(naughty unfair generalization, sorry)


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Mark Oliver does not really spin trance, aside from the occasional peak-time set at the Guvernment on Saturdays and any opening sets for other trance DJs. He's an extremely versatile DJ with a massive record collection.

The crowd at Fluid are generally looking for a deeper and sexier style, especially since it's a Sunday night. I would not necessarily equate it with being "too cool" for trancier or harder music.


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Fluid Sunday night crowd ???

hopeless and bleak

but hey, that's ZRF for ya.

P.S If you do go one Sunday night, don't forget to wear your cool
Shopper's Drug Mart Gucci knock-offs. :cool:
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