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Max Graham and Brad Copeland on Proton Radio

Metal Morphosis

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That's right - for those of you who were in attendance of last Friday's event at System Soundbar - you know that both Max and Brad have some amazing tunes in their bags at the moment.

Tune into Proton Radio at 5PM EST for two, one-hour mixes from each of Max and Brad respectively. The mixes are reflective of what they played at the most recent Shinemusic event last week.

Please be advised that there will be an encore presentation of today's show at NOON tomorrow in Shine's new PERMANENT time slot.
Shine will air the 3rd Friday of the month from NOON - 2PM


Click here for more information on Brad Copeland

Max is smack in the middle of a CD Tour ... full details below

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Metal Morphosis

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This will be rebroadcast tonight at 11PM EST - 1AM EST

Brad's tracklist (part 2) as follows:

Chris Cargo-Unknown
Avedon & Stig-Spite
Paul Hamill-All I Want
Blue Noise-Atlantis
Roland Klinkenberg-Melting Point
Infusion-Girls Can Be Cruel(remix)
Invisible Inc.-Stars(Inc. vs. Rogers remix)