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Mauro Picotto


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How was he? I wanted to go, but the whole D12 & Mark Oliver (not to mention Guvernment/Kool Haus) thing scared me off.


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Its 6pm now, nice to have a 7 hour sleep after being out all damn night. But picotto had to have been one of the hardest bassline sets i've heard in a long time. SO powerful and rushy I was just bouncing off the speaker.

Wearing the full on baby blue outfit came in handy when your face was just pouring with sweat too!

But anyways, amazing nite, didn;t play ANY cheese, but he didn;t play a lot of classics either =(



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Definitely one of the best nights that I can remember. The combination of Picotto's sick pounding beats...the full crowd and the amazing lights and lazers left me in awe.


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DJ Entity

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by bucky:
i've never danced so hard until 7:30am in my life.</font>

Couldn't have said it better Keith. Non stop kick-you-in your-arse bass for almost 5 hours.
Good to also see Viceroy and Satori.
Also wanted to give much respect to Matt Coleridge, Mark Scaife and Luke Fair.
Awesome progressive sets.

girl friday

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And I want to give respect to the absolutely amazing people I was with (hopefully the two lurkers are reading this)

What a fantastic night, so hard and so much energy everywhere. I've never seen people dancing so hard at 7:30 in the morning. We had to leave right before the encore cause we just couldn't handle it. From now on whenever something is too much to handle it will be refered to as "so Picotto"

Quote of the night at approximately 6:30 am
Susan: "This DJ is an asshole"
Me: "Why?"
Susan: "Cause he's making me dance so fucking hard!"

Note: I may be paraphrasing but that's the jist of it.

We all danced our asses off and then bonded all day monday in semi-sketchy states. All around an incredible experience, so so glad I didn't miss it to due my dislike of the Guvernment.

PS Props to Matt Coleridge WOW! So so impressive.


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WOW I can't really explain what I witnessed!

DAMMMM Mauro is GOD.....what a night!
It started of with the Dj competitions in kool haus and then transferred to Paul Walker in the guvernment, who was not bad. Mark Oliver was good as well, but the party really started when Magical Ramjet started. They were something else...really hard pounding trance! Good job! Then after an hour mauro took to the decks and hell was released! I just stood on the balcony watching him go nuts and declare war on the guvernment, track after track was pure excellence! I'd never seen him before and I'm glad I did now. He was the best Dj I've ever seen, his music was pure hard baselines, with techno and elements of trance mixed in. The high point of my night was hearing " Baguette" he just dropped the beat and walked away from the decks, letting the song do the rest. This Canada Day was truly AMAZING....thx to all those who out this event on, and especially Mr. Mauro Picotto!
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Le Rêveur

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Anybody remember that really katchy funkee-ass track ? Mauro layed that one down around 4 AM I think ! Anyhow, my girlfriend and I really danced our booties off to the Italian techno God ! I saw him at system in dec/00, where he was good, but he simply anihilated the Guv't on our Country's b-day !

Cheers to Chef Picotto, we'll see ya in Ibiza in Aug/01 !

Snuggy / Le Reveur