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Matt Dublin - Neck Thrust (top fidget house tunes of 2007)


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here are my favorite fidget house tunes of 2007 I hope you like them too(click here)

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1. Justin Martin-Ghetto Train
2. Magik Johnson-Don't_Laugh
3. The bulgarian - Jack it like a zombie
4. ben westbeech - dance with me
5. Armand_Van_Helden_-_Playmate
6. Rodion-electric_soca
7. Elektrons-dirty_basement_ft._eska_(sinden_remix)
8. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Mix)
9. FUckingham Palace - Alter Ego
10.Tocodisco - Shrine (Crookers Remix)
11.Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies
12.T.Dluxx - Ghettoblasta
13.Herve - Rocky Raver
14.Stupid Fresh - Stupid's Theme
15.187 Lockdown - Gunman
16.Gordon Edge-Set your body free
18.afrojack ft. djago - rock your body
19.Carnnifull Trio - song for guido
20.HiJack-trouser jazz
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deff one of my fav mixes you've put on here. my only complaint is that we need a monthly fix of dublin get on it ;)


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I'm trying to get another one together soon, too much good music coming out. Must share it with the masses!

Glad y'all dig!!


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Hey Decepticon... Where are you playing out soon!? I heard you're back in the rave scene!

P.S. Great mix, as always. You should know, your mixes are on steady rotation on my speakers ;)
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