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.:Matt Dublin - Bass Heavy Marathon (Dubstep & Bassline House):.


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This was a fun mix to put together - hope you dig :)

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Tracklisting (of sorts)
La Roux - In For The Kill (Skreams Lets Get Ravey Remix)
16 Bit - Relentless_16bit_Mix
Jakes-Rock The Bells
F1 and Korfmeister - Mad_Fever_Original_Mix
Ed Solo -Watch_Your_Eyes_Original_Mix
Times neue roman - to die (bombaman remix)
Fort Knox Five - Killa_Soundboy
Magnetic Men -The_Cyberman_Original_Mix
Bar 9 - Murda_Sound_VIP_Mix
Chase And Status - Saxon
Ishe - Fuck_These_Breaks_Ishe_Remix
The Count & Sinden-Stinging_Nettle_Original_Mix
Nero - Go_Back_Original_Mix
Heavy Machine -Dome_Calls_feat__Khujo_Goodie_Original_Mix
Alle Filman - Get_Up_Life_Original_Mix
Science Of Fear _HERVE Dub_
Township Funk _Phra Crookers Supertrance Refix_
BanGer _Drop the Lime Remix
What-Jack Beats
PUAH! - Gigi Baracco
I hold the Crown - Gigi Baracco
Kingpin Killa - SIlent Butt Deadly
Ghetto Blaster - Marc Adamo
The Fidgitive - Bang to this
Cagebaby - Forced Foamo Remix
Mistery Meat - Zombie Nation
Radio Ladio
Sea of Grease - ZOmbie Nation
Kid Sister - Get Fresh
WOrth it pt 2 - Zombie Nation
Small Butt Mighty - Matt Dublin
Extraball - Yuksek
Feel so Good - Jack Beats


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cheers lads - after many requests I'm going to break this into two pieces so people can fit it on two cds... stay tuned!