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Matt Darey Cyber Niteclub


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Last night was the first time I actually went clubbing in Vancouver.

Unfortunately I paid more for the night than I should have.
Although his track selection was par and he pulled out some classics, the night as a whole was mediocre at best.
I spent $40 on a dj that mixed worse than a blind monkey with one arm, and then proceeded to complain about new cdj 1000s saying that they had a mind of their own.

Myshell, the dj previous was pretty much spot on and I wish I had hit the floor for her set. I'm not sure what the dealw as with the live drummer. All I could see from my angle was that she was playing v-drums of a sort and her crotch.

The bank machines crashing [not the club's fault] also didn't help, but it capped off the spending for the night thankfully.

Thankfully I was with great friends, so that made up for the lack of technical ability.

1.5 dead kittens out of 5.