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Matt Coleridge!!!!


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Yes...Matt Colridge is definately the Toronto 'name to watch' in 2001 after his set at Breathe last night. This is the music of the future and Matt Coleridge is clearly the DJ for the future.
Also, it was great once again to see alot of people from the Tribe board in attendance.
Special shouts go to Nesta, Libradragon, Crouse and...of course...Rentboy.
We'll see you all on New Year's Eve for Anthony Pappa.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Well said, Mike.

Matt Coleridge's set last night was beautiful. It warmed my heart to see him up there with his santa hat giving us all he's got. You looked (and sounded) amazing up there on the decks, Matt. Looking forward to many many many more nights seeing you out headlining...coz we all know you're on your way up.

Good to party it up BSM style with the crew: the lovely Creme, Rentboy, Gizmo, Fleaflo, Highsteppa, CARLTON, Chrome, Suke, and nice meeting E-Spot and Nesta.


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It was an amazing night.. the vibe was cool, the people were great and the music was astounding.

Deko-ze started the night with a banging set and when Matt took the decks, it was his turn to lay down the smooth set we all expected from him. Ready for the holidays in the Santa hat, Matt looked ready to grant our music wishes and he certainly did!

Great to see Gizmo, Fleaflo, Suke, Rentboy, Libradragon, Nesta, Pysrel, Crouse and Jay Is Bored. Hope to see you all for Pappa on NYE.



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It was a wicked night indeed!

I arrived during Deko-ze's set and it was good as usual. Even the side/vip room dj's were good. Then I met Naomi, it was nice meeting you and thanks for introducing me to the all the other wonderful Tribe boarders. It was also a pleasure to meet Matt, and I'll admit that although it's not my favourite type of music, his set had me moving, there was good variety in his track selections, and it was a technically amazing set as well! Very nice

The others I had the pleasure of meeting were Gizmo, Rentboy, Chrome, Cheezwhiz? and his friend Brian, and Fleaflo and his friend (sorry I forgot his name and I don't think he's on Tribe), and last but not least Creme.
You guys are all wicked, and it was also nice seeing Suke again. I enjoyed talking with Cheezwhiz, Fleaflo, and Chrome. I guess I was lucky to have met Chrome during the holidays, as he befriended me for free! ehehhe....thanks! =)

I hope I didn't forget to mention anyone there, and I'll hopefully get to see all you wonderful TRIBErs at future parties!

E-spot aka Joanna


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Matt, *bow*, you were amazing on the decks last nite. You looked and sounded like you were having a great time. Huge congrats to Breathe for giving a TO local the spotlight that is more than well deserved.

Met some more Tribers for the first time, Espot, Djcheezewiz(gee, you looked really familiar
), and one other person that Suke introduced me to, but whose handle escapes my mind.

Saw Crouse, and Laura for the first time since Digweed at meow(shhhhhh!).

And the regular cast of characters that seem to be following me to System every friday cause dey know that Flea know's the deal!

Have a happy holidays everyone.

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Congrats to Matt for a nice, tightly mixed set...definately a DJ to watch out for.

It was great to see everyone again last night...nice to meet Cheesewhiz and E-spot.



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yes joanna it was great talking to you on friday...really nice to put faces to the names & especially some familiar ones...

suke thanks dude for being a class guy & putting up w/ me rambling on for almost an hour...& to everyone else i met thanks again...best wishes for the holidays & lookin forward to seeing you all again soon...

cheers, jc


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Yes, it was a wicked night... great DJ sets and great people all around! It was nice seeing many people I haven't seen in a loooonnnnggg time! (esp. fleaflo and Suke... how I normally never run into you guys, I'll never know!
And with all the hype around Matt... he still lived up to it... what more can you ask for? Well deserved and well done!

In the end, it was a great night served up in fine Breathe form



Matt Coleridge rocked the Breathe faithful! Once again a wicked time at System. The vibe seems to get better and better. Matt looked like he was having the time of his life. Respect to Breathe for giving him a chance to showcase his talent and skills. Shouts out to Gizmo, Ilia, Fleaflo, Suke, Psyreal, Rentboy, and Chrome and Libradragon(who I met for the first time). You guys are all truly wicked party people. Last but certainly not least, a special shout out to MikeTwisted, who gave me the best possible Christmas present ever. I cannot believe what you guys have in store for 2001. Maximum respect! See you all for the one and only Anthony Pappa.


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Matt rocked it proper on Friday night. Tight mixing, and solid programming. Highlights were for me were the mixes into "future", and "voices"...bith coming in out of nowhere. Also a big thanks to Matt for closing with Polarity. "Feeling"...I really love that track.

I hope we can get to see more of Matt in 2001 playing out to local T.O. crowds. He certainly deserves it. Maybe if the incredibly lazy Solution crew get off their asses it might happen? (New Years Resolution?)

Great night overall. Music wise, and socially. Very nice to meet E-Spot and Cheezwhiz for the first time. And always, the usual suspects.

Breathe's main room of talent combined with the wicked beats Luke, Carlos and the rest of the merry pranksterz crew throw down in the back room are making System Fridays awesome!!!!!
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