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Matt Coleridge @ system


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god damn this kid rocks it. The room was hurtin' for some action around 1:30am, Matt came on are woke the place up, the room was alive again. Only problem all night, the guy to girl ratio was allllll wrong. There were like 5 guys to every girl, and they were practically tripping over each other to be close to them on the dance floor. Comic relief

Peace & love. D


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJAlchemy:
There were like 5 guys to every girl</font>
maybe the ladies free b4 midnight thang should come back into effect.


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Good to hear Matt rocked it. He was looking forward to closing on Friday. Sorry I couldn't be there, I'm out of town at the moment.


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steve, you're always out of town, all you suburban gta kids (thornhill,maple,richmond hill,stoufville,etc etc etc)
... really wanted to check out matt last night, but had to go to a friends house party...planned to drop down around 2, but fell asleep on da couch, & woke up around 4 so decided to pass...my apologies matt, really wanted to hear your set...

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orange richie

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I wanted to post this earlier, but couldn't find the time. Matt, you fuckin' rocked it good on Friday. Probably the hardest set I've heard you play. Matt was complaining that there was nobody on the dance floor before his set. I don't know where all the people came from, but about half an hour into his set the dance floor was packed and kicking pretty good. Thanks for a crazy night bro!

Where were all the girls?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by lift:
maybe the ladies free b4 midnight thang should come back into effect.

that's the reason I stopped going, to tell you the truth..

being a student I can't pay 15$ every Friday to go there....

poker face

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Way too much sausage!

I just stopped buy around 3:00 cause I couldent go to bed yet. Matt had some sick tracks, so it was cool to listen to him. I don't know what was up with the dj in the back room though.

lee &lt;--- has to stop going to system so much if there is going to be so much cock!
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Yeah it looked like a real sword fight out there at times!

When it's slow early on which means it fills up later with afterhours people. They seem this week to be all guys. Other weeks we've had a pretty strong female population. Not sure what happened this week.