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matt coleridge extended set.......


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back from an impromptu system trip...fleaflo & silver robot were superstylin' & profilin the new back room space...& as always they bring out the crazy partiers...suke (awesome to see you, sorry we didn't connect again later), gizmo (a pleasure always), chrome, kyfe (i'm the other kyfe :) ... cool chatting & sounds like some big plans in the works...best of luck & i'll definitely check out some of your parties)

matt was throwing down some really serious beats in the newly renovated main room...the bar idea at the back is cool, but that big black area of darkness @ the back left is possibly a little to sketch friendly, as are the speakers up across the front of the bar (so i should fit right in :) )...however, opening the space up was a great idea...sound was better than ever...as always great tunes by matt (& mark played a good warmup set)....see ya'll around soon...

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john, you're an animal. :)

so, they renovated the back room? more details please...

looking forward to cass next friday...