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Matt Coleridge Exclusive Mix!


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Matt has recently recorded and exclusive mix for the 2am website (in the mixes section) available in streaming audio. Find out why this man is quickly becomming one of Toronto's top progressive DJ's. His style? Tribal & techy. His mixing? Seamless. His beer consumption during an average breathe night? Needs improvement... maybe its just one or the other... lets be thankfull he chose mixing! :D

(As you all know) He can be found on any givin Friday @ System Soundbar. Either behind the decks or behind the stage. hehe

Thanks for the mix Matt, we hope to host more for you in the near future!

www.2ammusic.com <- click here!

Peace & love. D
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can you see matt's name anywhere on that screen? i believe if you click on the 'realplayer' icon next to it that's where you link to the mix
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Wow...just listening to the first 20 mins, I'm already liking this set. I love how Matt plays arranges one of the tracks back and forth, sounding really good, teasing at the same time.

Tracklisting anyone?
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Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to try and do a quick mix every month for the 2am guys to host.

Here's the tracklisting for this mix:

1. Jamie Anderson - They See Nothing (Attaboy Mix) - NRK
2. Austin Tanney & Phil Kieran - Don't Sit Around (Naked Mix) - Slide
3. Tony Thomas - Beginnings - Soma
4. Austin Tanney & Phil Kieran - Don't Sit Around (Original Mix) - Slide
5. Affrochrome - Head Affect - Thunk
6. Stereo MCs - Deep Down and Dirty (King Unique Mix) - White
7. Active Soul - Hey You (Terry Farley Dub) - Vapour
8. King Tubby - Dub in the Right Way (Luke Fair Mix) - CDR
9. Tillmann Uhrmacher vs. Quadraphonics - On the Run - White
10. Umek - Voices of Africa (Voice 6) - Primate
11. Stoned Baby - Nan Culture Dance - Primevil


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wow! quite the response!

I agree with Heather... mmm track 6!

and I thought I heard some primate on there... dipping in to the techno section are we? Seriously I think it really rounds out your sound. Tribal techno is much harder then that Plastic Fantastic crap. :p

Peace & love. D
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Techno! Techno! Techno!

Originally posted by coleridge

10. Umek - Voices of Africa (Voice 6) - Primate
11. Stoned Baby - Nan Culture Dance - Primevil

Matt's actually onto something here.

Although I've been known to drop proper techno tracks in my sets, Umek is ALWAYS a solid producer. The Voices of Africa 12" is practically prog with more drums straight outta Slovenia.

The nice thing about electronic music these days is that the genres are a lot less easily defined.... Nick Warren plays a lot of Pimeate and Primevil tracks as well as some Drum Code stuff too.

A lot of these techno guys are just returning to their roots. Heck, Billy Nasty used to play techno back in the Leftfield 'Leftism' and Gat Decor 'Passion' days! He was mentioning that he likes a lot of 'prog' that's coming out these days...

Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch used to produce trance - though they'd probably never like to admit to it.

It all comes full circle at one point or another...

By far my fave techno producer is Thomas Krome though. That guy is one badass mofo!

Jay K.