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Matt C @ Rude Lounge - Hamilton


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Just a short post to make note of a solid thursday night out in Hamilton. I'd like to note that I'm writing this from home and not from work which means that if nothing else - at least I had fun. The crowd was a good size and a good mix of different crowds that seemed to be in to it and happy to have Matt in town. Matt's roomie Kenny Glasgow was in attendance, showing support and checking out the Hamilton scene. These two were treated like rock stars as I noticed Matt signing copy after copy of his lastest record 'Zulu'. One girl even came to him with a copy of everything he's ever recorded. Kenny on the other hand was greeted with tonnes of pats on the back and hand shakes by many a wide-eyed party goer. I know Tyrone (promoter) was pleasantly surprised to have Kenny come down and he wasted no time getting him drunk and finding out if Kenny would come and play the Rude and I'm told the response was positive. Matt played great and said he'd come back anytime too. I met Tearer there who just happened to come in with some friends of mine i hadn't seen for awhile- small world. Was anyone else from this board there? What'd you think? Anyway, I'd give the night an 8/10. A solid thursday in Hamilton. I look forward to future events at Rude Lounge.


I think I remember someone else posting that they'd be there...can't remember who.

It was a fun night to be sure. I was kicking up my feet for most of it, or just talking to the many people from our tight lil' Hamilton scene.

And Sentence - you're a kool kat. Thanks for the beers and making us feel at home. Lemme know next time you're in town - we'll do it up - email me and i'll give you my #s.


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woohoo!!!! HOOK UP !!! haha........josh is giving his number out!!!! :p sorry, i felt the need. i will be good now.

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