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Mat the Alien + Vinyl Richie OWNED it at Make it Funky


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thought i'd break the ice on this one as i can understand why people are being a little delicate with the review postings... more on that later, but: MAN OH MAN IS MAT THE ALIEN EVER DANGEROUS!!!!

i knew that it was going to be sick, but i had no idea how much sicker MTA would be this time around (shambhala) until i saw him start juggling out of his laptop with serato. absolutely retarded. he sent all of us toronto DJs crying home to our mothers, it was just brutal.

loads of wicked people came out, (shout to alicia and sarafina especially, you guys made my night), and there was many a fine set in the backroom too. mickey d especially comes to mind. he was totally tight. i LOVED the A/C in the main room too. major difference.

unfortunately this review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the shooting that occurred across the street infront of the 7-11, but the good news is that there were no fatalities, and that it didn't involve anyone from make it funky. serious bummer though, anyone sober got the hell out of there immediately afterwards. the dacefloor was super tight after that though, it was kind of cool (despite the obvious), it was about 85% dancers and 15% people chillin, talking, or drinking for the last two hours.

much respect to farbs. i'm definitely looking forwards to the next one, and to the venue chageups as well (no offence ot the el mo, but it's been a while since MIF was somewhere else and it could do with a changeup, especially after last night's incident).



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we got there about 10 minutes after the shooting, but didn't know what had happened, just saw police (with shotguns!) everywhere and traffic stopped etc. Went in and found out from a friend who had seen it all happen...
nevertheless it was an AWESOME night!
Thanks dylan :) you made my night playing that track (lol i don't know what it is called) and exodus! and of course the rest of your set was kick ass as well.
Also, the front room was really sweet. Highlight for me was v.r and mta playing get up stand up and THEN mixing it into come together!!! :D

all in all --> great night, excellent music, nice to see some people i haven't in awhile


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That get up stand up into come together was nuts! Loved how Vinyl Ritchie stopped the music and the whole crowd sang " Come together right now over me!"

Pics to come!


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Vinyl Ritche and Mat rocked it -
good to see them pulling out totally unheard of tunes - loads of classics and rare gems..


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Indeed this was a sick night for funk fans...I'm sorry for those that missed out on this one...Mat and Scott pulled out some serious bangers and some serious turntable trickery for tha headz...hilights for me were: watching Mat juggle "Make it Funky" like it was his last minute of 6 in a world DMC comp! and hearing Vinyl Ritche's "I dream of jeannie" mashup...

...Big ups to Chu for setting the hype tone in the front room, as he does so skillfully each and every time at MIF. I'm sorry that I missed Mikey D's set in tha back room, heard nothing but good of it!!
The funk lounge sounds were hot...much like the room's temp!!!The a/c held up for the most part up front, but the back room was a kick in my nuts:O !

Can't wait for Small Town DJ's, more west coast madness, up next!

peas 'n beats,

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I wish I didn't miss this.. however I met some really nice girls in Halifax on the friday prior to Make it Funky who were heading back in time to make it... wild!