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Mastering for live pa's


TRIBE Member
Anyone have any advise on mastering a live pa? I use ableton live, so i could use effects on the master channel, or i could potentially go the hardware route if that is going to be a better choice. I'm looking to be able to get the best sound possible regardless of the sound system i'm playing on.

any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Are you talking about mastering an already recorded live performance? Or are you wondering about a live performance your are going to be doing in Ableton Live and wondering how to set up the master track?


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I don't think "mastering" is really the term you're looking for.

I you're wondering what effects to put on the master bus, maybe some limiting and a compressor, but you might just be better off running you mains through a preamp or something and keep a good gain structure.

Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
depending on the venue, they may have a comp/limiter on their system anyway. (it would be smart so they don't wreck their own gear/speakers when you're slaying the dancefloor ;) )

but its good to have your own rack of effects - consider a good stereo (graphic) EQ if you're going the hardware route for a live setup
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