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Massey Hall + Dancing


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Need some advise.

I want to buy some sweet tickets to Buddy Guy at Massey Hall. But if i spend money on some floor tickets, (300 bucks) i want to dance. I gotts the blues flowing through my veins and i want to dance.

The venue sucks for dancing. I once had sweet tickets for buena vista social club. Me and my girl were dancing hard. The people behind us kept saying to sit down. I politely told them to get bent.... politely.... and kept dancing. Until the security came and told me to sit down. The lead singer actually said Toronto was a bit lame and you all should be dancing, I popped back up and danced....untill security told me to sit again. Fuck. Some dude making ten buck an hour is telling me to sit and the lead singer of a wicket band is telling me to get up and dance.

How can you sit down to the buena vista social club???? Music to move your soul. Kinda like Buddy Guy. Im not sitting. But whats the point if the no fun cops are going to come and make me sit.

Whats your view? Concerts are to be consumed thoroughly. Not through a iphone or sitting fucking down. Lame.

Why does the security at these places appease the sitters? And not the dancers?

Toronto needs to loosen up. Im going to the show. I just hope i dont get kicked out for having fun.
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Sal De Ban

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yeah...for some reason Toronto doesn't dance. It's tough to dance while you're 90% sure parking enforcement is placing a ticket on your windshield.


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Yeah, sucks when you can't see anything though.... Couldn't stand well for two years and had to get people to hoist me onto things so I could get at least some kind of view.
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Massey Hall is kind of a silly venue to book so-called danceable music into. The opera house or the Danforth Music hall with the seats out would be more appropriate for that kind of thing.