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Mary Mac: Top Selection: drum n bass


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Top Selection
  1. DJ FRESH, The Immortal, Breakbeat Kaos
  2. J MAJIK & WICKAMAN, Snake Charmer, Infrared Music
  3. RONI SIZE, Pull Up, V Records
  4. SHIMON & SONIC, Hill Billy, Frequency
  6. CYANTIFIC, Power Surge, Hospital
  7. TALI, Lyric On My Lip (Krust & Clipz mix), Full Cycle
  8. TOTAL SCIENCE, Nosher, C.I.A.
  9. TAXMAN, Transmission, Promo
  10. PHOBIA, Warlock, Renegade Hardware
  11. GOLDIE, Say You Love Me, Metalheadz
  12. SHODAN, Gangsta 05, Trouble On Vinyl Promo
  13. DRED BASS, We're Coming, Back 2 Basics
  14. NIGHTWALKER, Suspense, True Playaz
  15. CLIPZ, Test (ft. Hollie G), Full Cycle
  16. DJ MARKY & XRS, Misto Quente V.I.P., Innerground
  17. ZINC, Drive By Car (ft. Eksman), Bingo
  18. SHY FX & T POWER, Everyday (Chase & Status mix), Digital Soundboy
  19. CRISIS LOAN, Lions N Tigers N Bears Oh My!, Social Security
  20. SUPPLY & DEMAND & MACE, Shy Girl, Planet Funk Recordings
  21. AQUASKY & ELHORNET, Girls And Boys (High Contrast mix), Passenger
  22. J MAJIK & WICKAMAN, Good Vibes V.I.P., Infrared Music
  23. BLAME, The Search, Metalheadz
  24. PASCAL, Serious Sounds, Frontline Records
  25. CRAGGZ & PARALLEL FORCES, Train Track, Product Recordings
  26. KLUTE & CALIBRE, Losing You (ft. Kiyomi), Commercial Suicide
  27. EDDY WOO & MOVING FUSION, Flip The Coin, High Lite
  28. CONTOUR, Synapse (Bungle mix), Blu Saphir
  29. ALIX PEREZ, Dub Rock, Horizons Music
  30. WHITE LABEL, Trouble On Vinyl Promo
  31. DJ MARKY, Electrosoul System, Grid Recordings



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Well I downloaded this and the other mix and they're great. Particularly this one ... loads of energy all the way through and some great bits of timing here and there.

To be honest a lot of mixes that I download I listen to once and then may never listen to again. But yours is currently the one I come back to when I wanna listen to some jump up action.

Wicked Mary!