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Mary Mac: Girl on Girl: drum n bass


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Girl on Girl

  1. London Electricity, Vapour Trails, Hospital
  2. High Contrast, Tutti Fruitty, Hospital
  3. Commix, Five Reasons, BrandNu Recordings
  4. Utah Jazz, Done and Dusted, VRecordings
  5. Jenna G, Pilgrimage, Bingo
  6. Shy FX & T Power, Feelings, Digital Soundboy
  7. Q Project, Milk n Honey, Hospital
  8. High Contrast, The Basement Track, Hospital
  9. Q Project, The Greatest Thing, Advance//d
  10. Danny Byrd, Soul Function, Hospital
  11. Asides and Jay Eye, Delirious, VRecordings
  12. Peshay, Just a Feelin', Kickin Music
  13. Nu:Tone, Seven Years (Matrix Remix), Hospital
  14. Marcus Visionary, Fallen Angel, play:promo
  15. Vol. 5 Shout, Sax Dub, White
  16. Total Science, Wasting Time, Innerground
  17. St. Cal, Losing Ground, Soul:r
  18. D Bridge, China Blue, LiquidV
  19. Verse & D Bridge, Solitudes & Weakness, White
  20. Jaheim, Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix), White
  21. D.Kay, Serenade, Brigand

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Hows about I bump this one for ya too while I'm at it. I know how much I hate it when I put a mix on here and a hundred people download it before anyone comments!