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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Klubmasta Will

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whether it's the Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division or the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate, today is a big day.

whether you are a fan of marvel comics or just a fan of joss whedon, whether your nick fury is a white guy with an eye-patch or a black guy with an eye-patch, whether you think the greatest television show of all time is BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER or FIREFLY, today is a big day.

this is joss whedon's return to television. this is the first (of hopefully many) new shows produced by marvel television.

here's hoping it doesn't suck! :)

i am curious to see whether they will mention any of the avengers characters by name and/or whether there will be cameo appearances at some point. they may also mention other marvel characters (not spider-man or any characters related to x-men or fantastic four, as those rights belong to sony/fox, but perhaps others). i am also curious to see how they will explain agent coulson being alive, as he was killed by loki in the avengers movie.
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rave jedi

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KMW, glad you started this thread because you are not the only one with high hopes for this show. Can't wait to watch this program later tonight!!!


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About what I expected for a pilot. Everything is getting started and the characters are being introduced. The dialog is cheesy and seems a tad forced. I have concerns that the main character actor doesn't have the chops to be the main character. It is obvious that there is a Whedon influence on the production, if you are familiar with Buffy or Firefly. It is worth giving it some more rope and watching a couple more episodes.
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It is obvious that there is a Whedon influence on the production, if you are familiar with Buffy or Firefly.

true. Whedon's humour really comes out several times. Which I love, because I'm a sucker for that sort of campy shit - but it works really well.

I have hopes this show will go on for a good run. I'm just not sold on some of the characters just yet.

Klubmasta Will

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i dug the first episode but it's too soon to tell how good the show will be once it gets going.

i like the mystery around agent coulson. he thinks his death was faked by nick fury to motivate the avengers, but that's clearly not what happened. is he a clone? a life-model decoy? does he have powers that he doesn't even know about?

the fitz-simmons duo is interesting, but i found it hard to follow some of their dialogue given their thick accents.

nice to see shepherd from FIREFLY and gunn from ANGEL both back on a whedon show.

i liked how the show used the extremis storyline from IRON MAN 3, thus further cementing the relationship between the show and the marvel cinematic universe. i'd love to see the hulk or iron man make an appearance at some point, as that could happen even without the actors taking part.

i thought the black dude was going to be luke cage at first, which would have been awesome, but oh well.

looking forward to episode 2! there will be 22 episodes in season 1, so we're in for a long ride.


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The opener was alright but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I was impressed. I'd say the series opener was adequate. It's obvious they're going to ramp up the drama and action so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt to see where Whedon takes us.

I felt it was essentially on par with season one of Heroes. Great production quality, lots of witty banter. Coulson is showing a slightly jerk side to his personality. My money is that he's a not-so-evil-clone.

I do love how they've tied the whole universe together. Hopefully they can make peace with Fox and introduce mutants into the story line.

If Hulk doesn't make a cameo this season I'm going to be disappointed.

stew :)

Hawk Eye

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I loved the witty banter! I love Joss Wheden! so much.. I felt like i was watching buffy the vampire slayer. It's cool that they had Coby Smulders who was in The Avengers.. Sorry but she had a bit part so I don't recall her name!

Can't wait for next eps.

It's too soon to tell if this show will be good or bad but i like it so far!

rave jedi

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Just watched it on CTV online and thought it was OK. Would have been better if they a 2 hrs. series premiere like some other pilots.
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ya, i liked the first episode. kinda wish it was more super-hero-y...

im excited for the show and am certain that the avengers and may others will have cameos

glych t.anomaly

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dialog was good. character development was decent bu not great. def a whedon feel to the show, which IMO is good, but at times can be a tad... too present.

i tihink the show has a lot of potential and if done right could fill a very present void in the niche field it finds itself in.

all i can say is at least its not fucking DEFIANCE -_-

Klubmasta Will

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It's cool that they had Coby Smulders who was in The Avengers.. Sorry but she had a bit part so I don't recall her name!

she plays maria hill, who in the comics took over for nick fury as leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. when fury went into hiding after the SECRET WAR storyline. she's hot in the comics as well as the movies.

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I'd like to think by seasons end, an Avenger will show up. Like during sweeps you'll see Chris Evans or Mark Ruffalo or Scar Jo, even Nick Fury or something.


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i'd love to see the hulk or iron man make an appearance at some point, as that could happen even without the actors taking part.

This is what I was thinking. They could do Iron Man in the suit so no RDJ needed or the Hulk only angry so all CG.

I wonder if RDJ has something in his contract though that it either has to be him or he gets paid anyways.


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I really liked it. I think a lot of people were expecting superheros and action (as per the films). This was more of an introduction to new characters. If it was all action with little substance, I don't think it would hold very long in a serial format.

Klubmasta Will

TRIBE Member
episode 2 was okay, but nothing spectacular.

i am concerned that agent coulson, whose deadpan delivery is fun in small doses, may not be charismatic enough to carry this show. the other characters are okay, but none have grabbed me yet the way other whedon characters have done. it's still too early to judge, though.

i want to like fitz and simmons, but i can barely understand what they are saying.

i don't think ming na wen was a good choice for the "cavalry" character, as i don't buy that she's tough and her fight/action scenes are not as good as they should be for a show like this. or, they need a better director/editor who can make her fight/action scenes better like they did for scarlett johanson.

according to the wiki-page, joss whedon was only involved (as a writer or director) in the pilot episode. he may be spread too thin, working on the new avengers flick, over-seeing other marvel projects (he was apparently "flown in", literally, to help fix story/script issues on the new thor flick), not to mention another feature film that he is writing called IN YOUR EYES.

i like the ongoing mystery surrounding coulson's return to life. the reference to tahiti being "a magical place" was likely a clue.

i also like that skye is still loyal to her 'rising tide' crew, but the fact that she is already torn (after just one mission) between her s.h.i.e.l.d. crew and her 'rising tide' crew make it obvious that she will end up siding with the good guys.
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Caught my first episode last night....safe to assume this was episode 2?

So far its ok. Ill record a few more episodes before I jump ship. I like the idea and story line but I do agree with others comments, maybe not the best cast to carry this story.


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Watched the premier and got about half way through episode 2 but can't take it anymore.

Every second line is a cliche. So bad.
They're really, really, really trying to make this as close to cinematic as possible. They've got a decent look, good strong cast and a solid premise but they aren't doing much with the characters that makes the show a must watch - yet.

I'm hoping they find a more developed role for the girl that "hacked SHIELD" - her character has a lot of promise, but they need to define her into something unique, which they're kind of treading water on. I'm also hoping don't over rely on cameos of characters from other Marvel movies and make them the only reason to watch the show - the Nick Fury cameo was kind of neat, but you need a better core cast in order for this show to survive.

The show reminds me of Star Trek TNG - the first season was really shaky, but given enough time to grow and develop, it could be a decent show.
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Klubmasta Will

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i'm sticking with the show no matter what. it's marvel, it's related to the avengers and it's on tv. 'nuff said.

i didn't see the nick fury cameo that highsteppa mentioned, but i just youtubed it and saw a hand-cam version of the scene. my PVR must have stopped recording too early.

there are lots of web rumours about cameo appearances by dr. strange and, believe it or not, spider-man. apparently, marvel has gotten back the television rights to spider-man from sony, while sony still owns the movie rights. this is apparent from the new animated spider-man and avengers shows, in which characters from each have made cameo appearances on the other shows.

i wonder whether marvel would use a version of spider-man on the show, as that would likely not be good for sony's current spider-man franchise. i think marvel should use the threat of doing a live-action spider-man on television to negotiate an appearance by spidey in an upcoming avengers flick.
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