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@martymcflythedJ breaks cover set on @nsbradio network


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Hey Hey Hey.

I was covering for another dJs show on nsbradio.co.uk site and recorded my mix.


track list:

1)Bust a Move - Stickybudz
2) How you like me now - Wick-it the investagator
3) Ya Mama - FatBoy
4) Happy Days - Pirate Jams
5) Warp Speed - dJ Magic Mike
6) The Price is Right - Dave Dub & The Phat Conductor
7) How does it Feel - Paranoid Androidz
8) Feel like Jumpin - Krafty Kutz
9) Warriors Dance Prodigy & 2ways
0) Smack my bitch up - (remix)
1)U know How I do - Hanzee, Kid Panel
2)Drop the Bomb - dJ Fixx
3) Take a Break - dJ MartyMcFly