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Hey everyone.
Hows it going?
wes did this already but
I to was recently asked to
do a Q & A for another online magazine..

Hope you're having as good a winter as me.
If you didn't know?
I moved up to bluemountain.ca .
It's been an awesome snowboard season this year.

I still dJ when asked. I have a weekly residency @ GEL / SKOOL. Celeb's who have visited the club so far ? Robbie ( syrous ) Bryan ( most wanted ) , Craig ( out of hand), Phil ( from phryl) & dJ Matt C. I really enjoy it. I also have a 10 day tour in the works ( calgary , edmonton, nelson , kelowna ) and something in Montreal at the end of May & (although still a maybe ) wasaga beach for MAY 24. The next time I'll be dJing in toronto will here at this event listed in tribe's upcoming events

Hope all is well in toronto.
Here's that write up

-----* snip * -------

Marty claps his hands overtop his head, with a large Cheshire cat grin and a signature strut. It’s evident that he’s a man who truly loves his music. The crowd can’t help but reciprocate, as they clap along and create new dance moves inspired by Marty’s funky and entertaining old school favorites.

"If I’m DJing for a familiar crowd, I try to bring tracks I know we’ll all enjoy," he says. "But I mainly play how I feel."

Showmanship and crowd interaction is of utmost importance to Marty Mcfly. There’s no bigger thanks to a DJ than the crowd moving nonstop and cheering for their leader. It’s a simple equation: the more fun the DJ has, the more fun the crowd has. Marty hypothesizes, "With no INNER-Action happening on the dancefloor, there will be no OUTER Action happening out there either. I like parties where at least 80% of the crowd is up."

Marty started his DJ Career twelve years ago on a pawnshop direct drive turntable, a new Technics 1200, and a cheap RadioShack mixer. "I remember buying my first turntable on September 18th, 1992. I’m glad I bought them," he says, "It’s one of the greatest decisions I ever made."

In his formative years, Marty Mcfly was inspired by DJs like Donald Glaude and Czech because, "Donald Glaude had the energy of a crazy man and Czech introduced [him] to a sound [he] loved but never knew existed."

Marty frequented downtown Toronto’s 2 The Beat, Outerspace, Release Records, and The Record Pit to create his vast arsenal of fresh and funky breaks. Motivated by loving support from his girlfriend Angie of two years and his growing fan base, Marty has carved out his terrain in the North American scene. He’s somehow managed to stay atop the shifting currents and remained true to his inner funk, despite a fragmenting and diversifying crowd.

Since the increased popularity of the Internet as a promotional tool, Marty has been able to make a name for himself and reach the west coast and the United States. He’s never had promoters or managers; he’s relied solely on word-of-mouth and grassroots tactics. "All I needed was an email address and a web page with my audio and contact info for promoters and other people to download."

While plowing the way for rave breaks in Canada, Marty has seen Toronto’s best and worst traits. He fondly remembers playing at his favorite venue the Ontario Science Centre (with all the exhibits open)! He misses the legendary Industry Nightclub’s DJ Booth, which had everything a DJ could ever want, including a mini toilet!

He’s seen the evolution of DJing and the increased popularity of tools like Cubase, Reason, and Final Scratch, although he prefers to stick to the "old school". He is also aware of the rapidly increasing DJ population and the tendency for club owners to book cheaper DJs, regardless of their talent. "I wish I could play every event in Toronto, but that’s just not a reality," he comments. Marty’s overall feeling about Toronto is that it’s very unique from other places he’s visited. "We have overpriced parking, overpriced water, overpriced cover charges, overpriced DJs and overpriced drinks. The music is great if you can afford to have your car towed on a weekly basis for parking on the street after 2AM," he laughs.

Today Marty continues to attract promoters and music lovers with his fresh approach to mixing everything from 80s classics to futuristic space breaks. He’s definitely not afraid to try new things. His latest endeavor is to entertain as "Marty the One Man Party" at the Blue Mountain Club GEL/ SKOOL, where he is now a resident/ music manager spinning everything from house, trance, jungle, breaks to hip hop. He loves the lifestyle: snowboard by day, jam by night. "Do what makes you happy," he says, "Otherwise, why do anything at all?"

-Jennn Fusion © 2004


Marty Mcfly Says...
Astrological sign? Place of birth - Toronto, Canada birthday - March 22 astrological sign - Aries

Favourite track(s) of all time? Why? B.S.V.M.P.’s song , "I NEED YOU", it was one of those slow songs they played at the highschool dances. I also like "It Takes Two", by Rob Base and EZ Rock. Man, that tune is soooo legendary, also from back from my high school days.

Drink of choice? I love WINK (C-plus).

Your 3 personal favourite Canadian DJs? DJ Mikey Derosa (Calgary) DJ Ira (Toronto) DJ Capital J (Toronto)

What 5 CDs do you have in your CD Player right now? 1- Scorched Earch - Contaminated 2) Son of Perdition - ?? 3) Krafty Kuts - Instant Party 4) Plump DJ’s - Urban Underground 5) Ztrip (Live sets- all mp3’s)

If you were going on a deserted island what three things would you take with you? (1) My cell phone (2) An air mattress (3) My girlfriend.

Favourite movie? "The Power of One "

Who would you like to work with if given the opportunity and why? DJ Z-Trip www.hurley.nu/Z-Trip/. ( one download at a time please ) I just like his style. I would love to learn more from him. His sets explain why, as they are so creative.

Name 5 albums that every DJ should own, of any genre of music? 1. Bob & Doug Mackenzie: Great White North (ep) 2. Herbie Hancock: Rocket (12" 3. Cheech & Chong: Wedding Album 4. MaestroFreshWes: Let your Back Bone Slide 5. any DJ Rectangle scratch album

If you weren’t a DJ you’d be a... why? College graduate. Because late nights and homework don’t mix.

What is your favourite ad? Why? I love the SWIFFER AD. I’m just a sucker for a Weird Al style cover song in an ad.


TRIBE Promoter
Goos to hear you're doing well for yourself and still rocking hard.

Cheers for the check-in marty :) hope to party with you this summer man.