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Martial Law comes to Canada, yaay!


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Martial Law and Canada's Bill C-17

2004-02-25 | There is a new web page on 911review.org.

After 2 previous attempts at passing the worst of the Draconian War of Terror legislation in Canada, the government has reintroduced Bill C-17.

This bill purports to "enact measures for implementing the 1975 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in order to enhance public safety" which is the greatest hypocrisy as the only terrorists known to have used biological weapons are American in the AnthraxAttacks:

It was passed by the House of Commons 7 October 2003, and is now before the Senate. This is the worst legislation of all the Canadian police state agenda.

If anything it's even worse than the corresponding US legislation; it gives the Minister carte blanche to pass any order as law, without submitting it to Parliament, and exempts it from review by the Statutory Instruments Act which is the mechanism to make sure the law, order or regulation is legal, and does not conflict with the Charter of Rights. Good for a year.

It also mends the Privacy Act that would allow all information collected by airlines to be distributed to foreign powers without their knowledge or consent (S.98). Between this bill and the Customs Act, individuals arriving in Canada or leaving Canada, not only by aircraft but by any kind public transport, will have all of their personal information distributed to the police to check for warrants (even unrelated to terrorism), and to foreign countries as well - the CappsII database of the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness program.

It also creates a reserve pool of military judges in the case of martial law, which combined with the unlimited powers for Interim Orders by the Minister under the Quarantine Act, makes us ask:

All Canadians must act immediately to try to kill this legislation.

9/11 Review: http://www.911review.org/index.shtml

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