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Marshall Jefferson @ Una Mas


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OMG! How amazing was this?

Marshall Jefferson totally deserves all the hype that I had been hearing about him before I witnessed him live.

Unfortunately we didn't stay too long since it got way too packed and we decided to head to Better Daze, but for the time we were there, the tunes were sooo sweet, the people were sooo beautiful (a LOT better than the crowd that was there when i was there for lisa shaw), and we just had a really, really good time in general.

Everyone who refused to come with us, ya'll SUCKAASSS!!

Oh, thanks to Roxy Blu for having a dress code so we came here and not there.

Mike, thanks for your company, it was awesome experiencing this with you.

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True Blue

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I guess we were the only people from tribe at Una Mas. Well that would explain why we were the only people who could dance there.
I just have to say we ruled that dance floor, i am not trying to be elitest or anything but we did

Jefferson tore the roof off this place with his set so smooth and flawless well except the end kind of died but then we left so i will just pretend that did not happen.

Tina it was amazing chilling with you and next time you have no one to go to a party like that don't hesitate to call me.