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Marques Wyatt at Aria

Par- T

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This was an interesting Friday night.
I had too many choices of events but decided that this would be the one to check out. Aria was practically deserted when I arrived at 11:30 - where were all the house-heads? Seems like everyone waited until Marques started his set at 1:00am before they showed up. It never got overly crowded, so I thankfully had room to move and dance.
Dino & Terry spun a good set of garage and deep house tunes to the next-to-empty room.
Marques was up next and during his set he took us through lounge, garage, jazz, disco, funk and latin.
Excellent tunes all night, mixing wasn't the best though but the selection made up for it. Totally lost it towards the end, next to no mixing, zero flow. I'd be groovin' to one track and wham, completely different style and tempo, had to stop after every track change to figure out where he was going. Bouncing from lounge to latin, Soul II Soul to Angelique Kidjo - WTF? Seemed like he was just reaching into the box and putting on whatever he pulled out!
At least all the tracks were quality stuff, especially a laid-back, loungey, gentle, too beautiful to describe, track right near the end- lifted my soul!

Not a bad evening, could have been better, I still danced my butt off.