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Marmalade, Mat Lunnen, Tyler Kerr, Deeno - FEVER

Bloom! Productions

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fever happens every saturday night in guelph at bubba gib's - 122 woolwich street

last night, marmalade www.earwaks.com opened things up with some hip hop styles, scratching, juggling and even worked in some classic george benson beats. following that, mat lunnen (solma) and tyler kerr (mettle) played back to back, dropping some nice deep and funky house, tyler ending off with the remix of "hall & oats - i can't go for that." some nice selections and mixing by the both of them! ending off the night was deeno (bloom! studios) dropping a lot of disco classics and working back into some deep and moving house.

if you're in guelph or in the area, check out the night. you can go early and have some food or just drop in for some drinks and dancing. FEVER happens every saturday night. for upcoming guests, check out the website:


this week upcoming, january 24, features journeyman, decipher, steve dragun and oddmyth dropping reggae, dub, hip hop , minimal and house.