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Marky and XRS Land - LK - To vocal or not to vocal

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by evil homer, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    So whats your pick

    LK (original) / System

    LK (vocal rmx feat stamina) / Love Fantasy

    I definitely gonna go with the orignal, its a better tune with a better b-side. Lovin lovin lovin the summertime tings. Reminds of this time last year when Brazil EP and Plastic Surgery Two both came out. All about the sunshine vibes for now (at least till the snow melts).
  2. Juan Love

    Juan Love TRIBE Member

    My two shillings:

    Not to take anything away from the vocal talents of Stamina MC but I preferred the originoo remix. For me that track was about something a hella lot different/more than what Stamina brings o the mix. I was rather hoping that he'd have done something a little more poingant with the vocal rather than just biggin' up the Movement's apparant global dominion.

    I don't want to be too harsh but in total I think this vocal mix is on par with that odius waste of a Rhazel/Krust redux of Kloakin' Device...("use your kloaking device...hahahahaha...I didn't think so" *shakes head*) and just like this one I think the Stamina vocal mix should remain in obscurity.
  3. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    I don't think that the vocal is terrible or anything, but I like the original better...Jorge Ben's effects-ridden vocal is much better :D

    Big up the Brasilian boys...I buy 2 copies of everything that they do...
  4. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    i guess i'm living under a rock, cause i didn't even know there was a mix of LK with Stamina
  5. kul-kat

    kul-kat TRIBE Member

    i like the vocal better, but i'm a big advocate of vocal dnb.

    or maybe i haven't heard the original. there are no major differences between the two besides stamina's voice, right?
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2002
  6. suburban sound system

    suburban sound system TRIBE Member

    i got both copies, that way when you get bored with one it seems like you have a completly new tune!

  7. D-Caf

    D-Caf TRIBE Member

    Is that out yet???
  8. T

    T TRIBE Member

    I actually thought the original was a little too plain, so Im enoying the Stamina vocals....
    "Its the waaaaaaaaayayyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"
  9. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    i enjoy both as well..heard it for the first time at bodyroc on wednesday and i thought it was pretty hype.
  10. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    ^^ haha yeah they played it 3 times to make up for marky not coming

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