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Markus Schulz @ Aria


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After 3 months of no partying, thought it was time to take out the dancing shoes. Decided on a trance party since it had been over 3 years since I had been to one. PERFECT CHOICE!! I'm a huge fan of hard music and was hoping this was not gonna be some fluffy shit night. Walked in around 230 and already Nick Pilon was on fire delivering some of the hardest trance. Great job opening. Markus Schulz (whom I had never heard of until I checked was what happening friday night after work) came on around 430 i think it was?!?! He kept the beats going with some FAST FAST trance. I would even say it was borderline techno at times (MAKES ME VERY HAPPY). Was about 7-8 hard tracks then slower fluffy stuff to let the crowd simmer down a little. Near 8 in the morning he was playing more of a funky house type of music. Everything was mixed really well. I brought a friend who doesnt really like trance and he was very impressed as I was with this guy's talent.

THE CROWD.... what can I say... Aria can be special at times. At the coat check walking in, 2 big guys were surrounded by security because they refused to pay coat check and shoved the coat check girl. Bad move. So already, bad impression for my friend's first visit to Aria. Didn't go upstairs to the hip hop room cause as always it's a fuckin tragedy up there with idiots all over the place. Downstairs was a nice mix of people. Not the social crowd I was expecting, I guess people were into their own little world.

Overall, awesome first party of 2006 for myself with many more to come!