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Marketing Coordinator $$$


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As the Marketing Coordinator you will be responsible for maintaining and managing the company’s database, email campaigns, production of promotional materials, promotional campaigns and sales aids as well as managing tradeshows, marketing research, manage website, direct mail campaigns and public relations. You will initiate direct email campaigns to select groups of leads and prospects, follow-up with phone calls, and pass qualified leads on to the sales team. Some travel will be required.

We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic individual who wants to capitalize on the rapid advancement of information technology. We expect that the niche market we operate in will see significant growth in the future and need a highly motivated Marketing Coordinator.


The successful candidate will have a majority of the following experience and skills:

* Sales/Marketing Experience in the new home / condo industry is a must
* University/college marketing degree or 2 years industry experience
* Strong writing skills
* Experience/Interest in contacting prospects via the phone and email, gauging their interest and passing them on to the sales team
* Knowledge and keen interest in the Internet with the ability to research, identify and qualify potential client leads
* Attitude and Personality: Enthusiastic, organized, self-motivated, take-charge team player with a willingness to learn in a constantly evolving environment
* A stellar sense of humour is a must
* Ability to manage the execution of a complete sales and marketing plans.
* Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills are essential.
* Strong organizational capabilities with the ability to effectively multi-task
* Computer savvy on applications such as Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint
* Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team

We work in a fast paced, flexible, and professional environment with a supportive work culture that rewards initiative and performance. This position offers great scope for growth and independent functioning, while contributing to the crucial initiatives of the Company. We offer competitive compensation and benefits that are driven by qualifications, experience and PERFORMANCE.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join our team, please send me an email to henry.zaccak at gmail.com
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