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Mark Scaife in the 'Loo on Saturday?


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Come on, who's in? It's cheap and it's at Phoenix Roller Rink (30 Belcan Place [I believe], Waterloo).

Should be a good 'un. Last time he was here it got completely silly and he thew down.

Jay K.


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I would totally be up for that but I'm heading out of town on saturday morning. :( let me know next time something like this comes up though ;)


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Will do.

Anyone else coming? Come on, anyone? There's two rooms too. Great tunes. It's time K-W came back on the map for great parties.
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Lisa, you're silly!

You should have known better and shown up.

As for Mr. Ryan Marcus, you suck because you didn't come.

All the above people bailed on me and it was highly upsetting. <smirk>


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Well Mr. Loopdoktor,

I am definitely in for this weekend, and I expect that Mr. Ayrik C will be as well. We're attending a little stag and doe 'til around midnight, and then we should be there 'round one. Think we can play for an hour or two? I need to know in advance so that I don't inadvertantly drink too much and then find out that I can play afterwards. And, to steal Mr. Highsteppa's thunder,

From the ministry of mixing while hammered sucks ass,

I'll see you there -- email me this week, I have a question or two for you, and I don't have your address (mine being djryanmarcus@hotmail.com). Lates.