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Mark Scaife in Kitchener at Studio/Dragon and the Drawbridge


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Lately it seems I've been partying in restaurants! Yes, you heard correctly, restaurants! Albeit they've been cleared out and tables removed, but that doesn't seem to stop desperate promoters using them as spaces to hold a shindig.

Due to some misfortunes with Waterloo City Council, the new Studio was forced to keep their space closed for the night and had to shift to 3 other spaces before they finally ended up at the fourth and final space, the Dragon and the Drawbridge (the old Swiss Castle Inn) on King Street in Kitchener. It had been a few years since I'd um, eaten here and now I went back to tear some rug. And it was literally RUG!

Up and comer Tim Vitto (I think that's his name?) opened up a really nice prog set that went rather well into what Mark played from 2:30 AM until 6 PM. This is the first time I've heard Mark play an extended set and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. His programming abilities were amazing and his mixing was spot on. He even let me mix in a couple each time he ran off to the washroom to relieve himself of the alcohol he'd been consuming.

It was a great evening despite the setbacks and the atmosphere was really nice and cozy. You could tell Mark was having a lot of fun too.

Cheers to Mark for being a proper mate and partying it up with me. We're dangerous for each other. ;)

Jay K.


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Swiss Castle, eh? That's hilarious, but any venue is better than no venue at all.

Can you elaborate on the problems that the Studio people have had with Waterloo's City Council?


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Their venue isn't zoned properly for public use.

This will be solved soon enough though.

The management of studio is dedicated to getting the place started. This *could* be what K-W has been asking for if everything goes according to plan.

I don't want to say any more since I suspect I've already said too much.