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Mark Scaife @ Element


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Just thought I'd post a review because it was one of the best sets I've ever heard him play. He started off with track 1(CD 1) off of John Digweed's Sydney GU(track title has slipped my mind). From there he just kept building until he dropped the magnificent "Flying the Funky Path" by the Producers. It was such a treat to hear BT's "Mercury and Solace" on a proper sound system. The crowd was wicked, and in the words of the Great Suke, 'nuff skins inside the place.

I love Element!

Whoever was spinning upstairs was playing some really sweet and soulful vocal house. This weekend was all about the soul! Peace!

Good to see cheezwhiz out kickin' some steps! Mackers, hope you got home OK.
It was packed, good vibe, good skins, only thing is that I can't stand progressive house. Left. see SLAM review.
ya i got home ok, i hope mike did, hehehe.

nesta, i totally agree with you. scaife was on top form that night. IMO, its in my top 5 sets of the year, from anyone.

element is now my favourite venue. i've been there before and i've really liked it but last saturday just solidified it. BEAUTIFUL crowd and great vibe. it was a little too packed to my liking.

mark, i loved what you did with that enya vocal. great idea!
Hay Nesta,

That tracks called 'Imagine' from the Diggers CD, and its all about the sexy vocal.

Hay Che,

That Enya idea worked, I wasn't sure if it would but I tried anyway. I was actually surprised by how many people have heard of her.

See you in two weeks.

Mark -
I'm sad i did not attend Sat. night as i heard from others that you were totally on top of your game that night.

Enya is awesome, you'll have to sample at System some time as i'm more likely to see you there.

Enigma is also very cool, you should try out some of there stuff too... just a thought

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Hey Mark great set. Good to see you at Element, that place provides the most personal venue in the city. Great music and wonderful crowd is always in check at Element.