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Mark Scaife at The Casbah



I'm more and more impressed every time I see Mark play. Last night was no exception.

The venue was decked out beautifully, and it was so refreshing to see real life party kids in Hamilton. I talked to several people, and to my surprise, all were local.

I heard there may have been some TBK there. Anyone? I was at the front, celebrating my 25th birthday, in a red dragon shirt, kicking it up up up.

I think everyone there last night knows what I'm talking about - there was just a superb vibe.

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abstractdatatype was there....

I wanted to go, but I was so tired after going to the tbk party and then working from 10am-midnite. Never again.


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it was good...

but after seeing donald glaude a few weeks before.. mr scaife just seemed to pale in comparison..