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Mark Hawkins @ Pure Filth


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Alot of this guys productions I find are either boring or just an old good chicago track ripoff but this set is pretty good...it's got an isoprax rating of about a B+. It could use a bit more variety but other than that it's tons of stuff I love to hear and play. If you think landstrumm and vogel crossed with tons of denham and other black nation/sonicmind stuff then you're on the right track.

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I've listened to the entire Black Nation catalogue, as well as the Vice stuff he did on Tresor, never liked it, but that's just me I'm a picky dicky too!!



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picky dicky's unite!

the Life force ep is one of my favorites of his and the revenge of the madman on Mechanism Industires...Life Force is where it's at though. Drought #1, it's in that hawkins set....deadly.

you NEED to hear his ep on Parasound as well. All four tracks are killer. two are hard as nails and freaky deaky and two are deeper than deep with some of the oddest filtered samples I've ever heard....GREAT EP!
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