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mark farina @ club stereo

that 420 guy

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montreal. wow. what can i say? i f@ckin love that city! so much history, so much culture, and so many sexxxy people speakin quebecois *drool*...and all within 5 hours of the tee dot!

i also love how club stereo opens it's doors at 2am! it is incredible how that club has made such a name for itself over the past two years and it doesn't even have a liquor license. did i mention they only open two nights a week?

mark farina played one of the most incredible sets i have ever heard. it was the pure definition of house music. thick steamy grooves that only mr.farina can deliver. he even ended off his set with a few down tempo mushroom jazz tracks. it was a pleasure to hear mark farina make full use of the stereo sound system, the best i have ever come across in my life. so good in fact, that you can still talk to your friend in front of the speaker even though it is pumping out loud tunes. the sound is so clean and crisp that your ears do not hurt when you stand directly in front of the speakers. i can go on forever about the stereo sound system, but you have to experience it for yourself. pure brilliance.

the crowd was fun and friendly. as expected (especially with farina playing), half of the crowd was shirtless gay men. not that i had any problems with that *g*

if you're ever in montreal, make sure you czech out stereo. it's worth your time (and the $25 cover) to experience imho the best sound system and club canada has to offer.

pese and breakbeatz

- that mushroom jazz guy
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jason klaps

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totally agree with you about Stereo, best designed sound system I've ever heard. (for all the reasons you mentioned).

Don't you wish all clubs were like that?

PS there is still time to make it for David Morales and Angel Moraes this saturday

ecstasy riot

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HOw I wish I had been there, but I am really going to try hard to see him at the Smirnoff afterparty.

YOu are one lucky person Norm, cos Mark Farina has some gorgeous music.



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Hey Meghin,

If you make it in, come by and say hi to me. I'll be upstairs mixing the visuals for the night with a couple of friends. I'd love to meet someone from the TBK at this event.




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Good review Norm - Stereo is my fav club, hands down.

Best sound system. So precise, you can talk to the person beside you in a normal tone and they'd be able to hear you, no problem.


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