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Mardi Gras 2004


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Greetings from Mardi Gras New Orleans!
So a few days left to go but I'm having a wicked time down here with some good friends. Got to see my mom and dad for a bit and have had some great nights on bourbon street in the middle of the week already.

oh and lots of tits.;)

The parades have been a blast and I have more beads than I could possibly carry at once.... (I'm starting to save them up now for a big friday night out to re-distribute them to nice females) :)

More will follow in the coming days once I get back and have photos to share.

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dave wtf are you doing at mardi gras?! haha!
oh pm me with your email again please.

clearly bringing me back beads is in order. and one of those mega jumbo beer cups too please.

have a fucking awesome time dude... make me proud. :)

(.)(.) x1000 for you and yours.



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Beads will definatly be your Tina. We have 1000's... and many of them have your name on them. *cough, for the standard price, cough* ;) The beer mug will however be free. :)

The photos of breasts will have to wait until we return... but shall be posted in due time.

Tina it would have been double plus awesome if you were here to party with us. next year?

Email addy pm sent.
Take care,
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the drive back was nuts. 23 horus in a car filled with guys such as andrew (^) will always make for a good story.

My highlights include:
-hanging out with a great group of friends
-seeing lots of breasts
-smoking fine cigars on the bayou with a glass of bourbon
-mardi gras parades
-not getting shot (we left the scene 10 minutes before the shotting that took place during a parade)
-seeing lots of breasts
-partying on bourbon street till 6:30am with no such thing as last call

and the pics will soon speak for themselves.


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Originally posted by KillaLadY
this thread is useless without pics! ;)
ok, you're right.
here's us. Max, Andrew (Nu Era), Nick and myself sporting one nights winnings. (notice the panties;) )

a pair of tits.

and some girls gone wild girls

more to come soon, sorry this took so long.
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