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I know there's a 'rewind' thread already,but i don't care,i just wanted EVERYBODY to see the name of this thread,that's right MARCUS RUN 'TINGS.
Fuckin' UNBELIEVABLE @ rewind.His whole set was rolled out to perfection,no emcees fuckin' up the vibe/flow of his set.It consisted of pure old-skool ragga jungle(NOT the played out,shite ragga),but more like amazing lovers' rock style jump-up/ragga.
Sniper wuz sick too,droppin' a bunch of old-skool hardcore which had me reminiscing about my first parties,absolutely wikkid,
'Nuff respex to the man like Arron,big up 'ya chest inside,more massive respex to Caddy cad(???) fer givin' Charlie Brown shouts on his Birthday,