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Marcus 1994 set for download (192k mp3)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Whoa! Nice find!
Killer set, as to be expected,

Anyone got a tracklist? Theres so many gems in here.. I need some track names ;)


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Does anybody know why my computer wants to save this as MPEG audio? It is an mp3 right? My computer does this to me every so often. Any ideas, I'm running XP.
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Originally posted by OTIS
Use Getright to download it.. I'm getting a clean 74k/sec here.

i'm was getting 170k/sec here. :)

i got it all in a about 5 min. i'll get agood listen to it tomorrow.

thanks for the share rude1


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Sweet goods, i'm listening at work right now and will D/L as soon as i get home. God damn, good stuff.

Big Ups to Marcus




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I think i had this?...lost it?....Anyways,now it has found its way back to me:D

Cheers Rude1
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