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Marco V at the GUV

Musical Rush

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Well I left early cus I couldnt move in there.

Mark Oliver threw down a nice set as always.

Marco V was just begining to drop the harder sounds as I was in line getting my coat.

Atleast I got a couple of free beers from the tall blonde handing out the coupons.(fuck she was something else woooooo weeeeee)


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To wierd right now to write anything usefull so i will say

I had amazing time last night. Such good trance from marco v. Nice to see some familar faces and i met this girl who is a russian clubber. complete with accent and hot hot hot. We only spoke for 5 mins but i still met her. Supposedly moscows clubbing is way better than torontos. But she would of had a bias as she is russian so who knows. But if they all looked like her then it would be worth the trip


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THe night (and marco's set) just got better as went on. When i got in around 12:30 Oliver was dropping alot of vocal trancey stuff.

AT just after 1 Marco V came on, and started out pretty good witht he first few tracks, but then for the next hour it didn't really look like he was finding a consistent groove. He'd string a few tracks together and then completely bring it down again. SOme tracks i remember from the first half hour was that remix of blue monday and the Oakenfold remix of born slippy.

HOWEVER, at between 3 and 3:30 he REALLY started to pick up and played an AMAZING set until about 5 when i left. He started playing some old trance tunes like Push - Strange World, I Feel You, A nice remix of Bjork - State of Emergency, GODD, his own remix of CLocks by coldplay, Back To Cali by Picotto, and a more unexpected dropping of Smells like Freeland!

That second half or his set erased the first half for me, and he was still dropping some hard stuff when i left. So i have to give the set a big thumbs us (although he wasn't as good as when i saw him in Montreal at Aria August 2002)

Not too many crowd complaints either. Met a couple people from Holland visitning Toronto who were pleasantly surprised to catch their own Marco V half way across the world.


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I'm going to make this short as I'm at work and... shudder.. still recovering from Marco V...

What an amazing party! I didn't even mind the Guvernment crowd which is my usual complaint. It seemed like a great group of like-minded partiers.

I was pleased to hear all the good comments from strangers about Marco V. Instead of the usual "marco who?""isnt that marco oliver?" haha..

Sound and lighting always top-notch at the Guv... Although I will admit it's become a little weak around the exterior of the club, which is good I suppose if you want a break from the pounding beats.

His track selection was excellent! He really played to the crowd and after about an hour or so of finding his groove, he really threw down some good mixes. I think he was a bit surprised to see how energetic the crowd was as we entered the wee hours of the morning.

The vibe in there was amazing! Definitely reminded me of my early days at the Guv ('99-'00) There were actually quote a few faces there from that era as well!

All in all, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I definitely picked a good one to go all out on ;)

I hate to admit it, but these past few times I've been to the Guv my opinion of the place has really started to turn for the better!




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the way it should be at Guv

I've been to many events this hedonistic year, and always with a large number of friends. We usually have an amazing time regardless of the crowd at Guv.

The Marco V event definitely set a new standard: not only was the music and company exceptionally good, the ambiance was excellent; it was the first time that I can sincerely admit that dropping wasn't a necessity.

I was light on my feet all night, and received hugs from many strangers. It's pretty much a rarity to even get a reply from women in the bathroom, there was an actual exchange of dialogue!

what a great party that carried over to the next day. Who would have thought you could meet cool people at Guv:eek:
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