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Marco Carola @ Life

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by unklespins, Nov 4, 2001.

  1. unklespins

    unklespins TRIBE Member

    What an amazing night...fuck, carola was sick, absolute tight mixing, wicked track selection, had the crowd hyped for all four hours of his set.
    The crowd was pretty cool too...all in all a good night...
  2. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    I would tend to agree with the above post. Carola was on Point! [​IMG] I got there at about 2(after work) to see a packed house. Carola was smashing the dancefloor with relentless beats! He played Verdi (my fav picotto track! [​IMG]). The crowd started to thin out a little at 3, which was sooo nice because the club is so hot and that greatly helps what little ventilation there is. Left at 4am because I was tired. I'll definitely check him out again when he comes back to TO.

    On another note: Life, it seems, has had tremendous success keeping "problem people" and "sketchtards" out of the club. It was soooooooo much nicer there last night then I have ever seen it [​IMG]. It is not the Comfort-Zone warm-up it used to be. Could use some more fans though. That is all.

    Matt [​IMG]
  3. chemi11

    chemi11 TRIBE Member

    MR. MARCO CAROLA ripped the roof of Life last nite. The beats where just flowing out of the sound system(Life has a great sound system). He is so smooth, I dont think he rushed a single mix. He knew where he wanted to take the crowd with each record. OH the crowd was unbeliveable. Smiling faces all around. Beatiful women all over the place. The crowd did start to thin out at like 3ish but the beats just got harder. To all the folks that made it out to Nesta's B-Day, thanks. Nesta was happier than a pig in shit. Anyways special shout out the the MME crew, thanks for bringing Marco to Life and I hope to see you all soon.
    PS To the sexiest lady in Life last nite(and last week too I must add) thanks, your the greatest(you know who you are).
  4. chemi11

    chemi11 TRIBE Member

    Opps, thats what happens when you dont get any sleep.
  5. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    Insanity. The style of techno Marco played is exactly the kind of techno I liked. He started off on the tech house tip and had the crowd, along with himself, grooving along to the beats and basslines. He kept building and building his set until a couple hours in he was just destroying house (no pun intended). I was watching Marco work his magic for a bit and I have to say he is one class act. He's so calm and focused, but you could definetly tell he was feelin it. His mixing was fucking retarded. He'd beatmatch one or two records in addition to what was already playing and then just layer elements of the incoming track(s). It was nuts. He'd have 3 tracks going at the same time. Props to the 832 crew and the birthday boy Nesta, I've never seen him that happy [​IMG]
    I was completely impressed by Marco. Respect to him and Most Wanted for putting on a fantastic night.
  6. s.a.t.u.r.n

    s.a.t.u.r.n TRIBE Member

    one word: WOW

    actually thats 3
    Anyway I got there around 2ish... just in time (I heard Carola was playing cheese at the begining of his set but it was slamming when I got there) Saw alota good friends.. had a blast n was blown away by Carola's track selection. Great night....
  7. orange richie

    orange richie TRIBE Member

    WHAT A SET!!!! this guy put on an amazing show. I havn't felt a techno set like that in a while.... a long while!.... I'm not over-exagerating when I say it was my favorite set this year!

    I got inside Life last night at around 12:30. I was really debating whether or not I was gonna go out last night, but decided I would go to hear the beats. Didn't really want to be in there for the first little while until Carola droppped a couple tracks...

    This man can work a crowd! .... and work it he did! He started off a bit housy and just kept getting harder and harder without loosing focus on the flow and classy flavour of his mixing style! Man can this boy mix!!

    Didn't really see anyone I knew. Where were all the tech-snobs I know? Fuck u missed out!!

    @m!, a.k.a.- perpetual ass shaka! what happened to u, u fool! I thought U'd be all over this for sure...

    Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
  8. Lesslyn

    Lesslyn TRIBE Member

    *mmmm mmmmm* good


  9. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    ^^^^^^ what she said [​IMG]

    Last night we witnessed the pinnacle of techno. THAT'S what it's all about.

    Anyone know what that first electro track was that he played towards the end of his set? I want!

    My only complaint was the gino bambino crowd, but it probably only bothered me because I had just come from an all-breaks event (quite the contrast crowd-wise [​IMG])
  10. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

    Yes, I definately was awesome!!!
    I danced my ass off! [​IMG]
    Just curious, what were you guys wearing??
    Hell, if I had known some of you were going to be there, I would have said hi! [​IMG]
    About 3-5pm I was the guy right in front of the speakers in front of the DJ booth! wOO! [​IMG]
    I had the green shirt; brown baseball cap and big mirrored (Gargoyle) sunglasses w/ green led light [​IMG]
  11. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

  12. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    uh oh,
    heads are gonna roll!
  13. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Hey I think I saw you.. well I remember the green light anyway.

    I was right up front, a little bit to the left where the fan was. Dark blue shirt and black Etnies hat, dancing my ass off [​IMG]
  14. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Oh and I was with two short blond girls.
  15. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

    I remember the two blonde girls... [​IMG]
    At the corner of the speakers right?
  16. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Yep, left side.
  17. Fir3start3r

    Fir3start3r TRIBE Member

    Wow...so close but had no clue....damn...
    a well...going to Docks on Nov.10th?
    We should meet then [​IMG]
  18. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    What a fuckin' night! Marco is the shiznit! The crowd was very tight, the vibes were off the hook..easily one of the best sets/parties of the year. Shouts out to all those who came out to help me celebrate my birthday. Good friends who know how to party are very hard to come by. [​IMG]
    Just thinking about the basslines that were exploding out of the speakers brings a smile to my face. Props to Myka for a wicked opening set. Respect to the MWE crew for making me and my buds feel at home.

  19. The Truth

    The Truth TRIBE Member

    Wicked night!!!

    Nuff said!!
  20. JMan

    JMan TRIBE Member

    Wow, what a set by Marco. Technically speaking, not many can hold a torch to this guy. It's great when you know a DJ is technically in control, and he drops bomb after bomb on the crowd - you just know he's gonna keep you moving. He knew exactly what he was doing... he'd take the crowd down with a track or two, then blow everything up again with a slammer. A bit choppy early, but so many good tracks.

    It was nice at the end of his set when the crowd was cheering "Marco, Marco"... he couldn't hold his sheepish grin back.

  21. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member





    ........... dang, what a fucking wikid evening !

    I just got out of the Leafs game (WOO-HOO 4-1 over the Avs) and we went to a bar to drink. Then, at 11pm when I'm starting to get all hammed, my friend Mike asks me if I wanna go to Life to mash it up with some dirty techno. Of course.... I love techno cuz it's so fucking evil and dark... and I like 'Life' so why not !?

    We got there at about 1am and it was pretty packed and hot. I went and talked to my buddy Alex who tends the bar in the back, got a few gin n' gingers and proceeded to the main room to check out Marco Carola. I must've been greeted by about 15 happy Leaf fans throughout the night... "Yo, nice jersey man, we won tonight"... or "GO LEAFS" ... or "YO, I WAS AT THE GAME TOO" ... funny shit. I love it !!!! I was wearing the # 10 jersey.

    Anyhow, Marco started off with some hard house, not really what I was expecting but.. it was hard enough. After about half an hour of the hard house, he started touching down. He played this track with a sample from Robert Owens old "Bring Down The Walls" track that got me fucking hyped !

    By 3:30... I WAS FUCKING JAMMIN' !!!!!!!!!!!

    It was so hard to dance and go nuts up until that point cuz it was pretty rammed, but after 4am... there was dancin' room... so I kinda worked the front left area (if yer facing the booth) by the speaker until I left at around 5:30am.

    Half way through his set, he played some breaks track that kinda threw everyone off... or so it seemed (lack of enthused dancing). It was sooo dark and evil... all I could do was stand there, look at the floor and bang my head. After the 'breaks interlude', he got back to business... HE FUCKED SHIT UP !

    All the guys around me ... and myself... everyone was feelin' that shit... heads nodding like we were robots being controlled by some greater force... the bass..... making our heads bang... taking us prisoners..... I wanted to scream... I wanted to cry... the bass wouldn't let me.... it kept me banging... I couldn't stop... all I wanted to do was take a rest.... no mercy.... killing me with dB's.....

    Thank you Lord for the blessing I received.

    Marco cleansed my soul... and it is because of him that I swear to attend every techno jam at life that I can.

    next time... it would be cool if I'd known TBK'ers were going... we coulda linked... I had mad dro'z on me... whaaaaa !

    all in all........ wikid night. Who played after Marco ? If it was Kenny, Imma be 'hella-pissed' ... I left cuz my boy told me that he wasn't gonna show and that some other dude was gonna play. [​IMG]

    long live the dirty pounding pains of techno.

  22. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    no g-list action means @m. = no show (ie. fundage is low)

    @m. got WASTED and spun at a house party. Had mucho fun where i was at, but still sorry i missed out on this slam session. Orange Drink Richie & Alchomahol-emy: i will try to call ya tonight.

  23. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    That is Marco's own track "Playboy" off his OPEN SYSTEM album. What a deadly tune!
  24. Sassy

    Sassy TRIBE Member

    Apparently I was the only one who was a little dissapointed with his set. I know I am going to get stomped on for saying this but I found it a little too banging and not funky enough. I guess I will just be sticking with Detroit techno - Stacey Pullen, Derrick May, and Ritchie Hawtin never seem to dissapoint me.

    A good night overall, the crowd was pretty decent - was a little concerned because the last time I was at Life I almost got trampled on by cheesy party sluts. Glad I went out to check it out heard a couple of decent tracks and tried something different.
  25. enjay

    enjay TRIBE Member

    you didn't like his set? i loved his set! he was shocked that the crowd wanted so much techno! he also said he was surprised how easily the crowd here appreciated electro... one of the tracks he played off his album (name escapes me) is the first time he played it out because no other crowd seemed ready for it! Yeah Toronto!!!

    more than that i loved the crowd! [​IMG]
    so much dancing & i was dancing & vibing with people who had some crazy funky moves!!! & when I told them they said the same back! & people were friendly & smiling & introducing themselves to people... it was like a party back in the day when everyone was happy!

    yippee! good music... leaves me excited about Sandy Rivera. If you like house this is so the guy to check out! He's the Marco Carola in the house world...

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