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Marco Carola @ Element


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Van Damn!!!

What luck. I didn't really want to go out on Friday as I was too tired. I am trying to be very selective as to which venues and djs I want to see. I was planning at first to go and see Keoki at System. But then, after listening to some of his stuff on Napster, I thought that I could pass up on seeing this "superstar". I figured it might be a bit too "commercial" for me. No disrespect though....as I love Moonshine.

I ventured to good old reliable Element where the crowd is usually older and less sketchy. I walk up to the door figuring I am going to hear some good old bumpin house from DJ Heather....and SURPRISE.....huh? MARCO CAROLA? Holy crap? There was no flyer of his appearance?!? I knew that it would be a good night as I haven't heard him play since FTWK had him at Tonic on a Wednesday.

Intelligent Techno is what I call it. I am not sure the top floor has ever heard it that hard on a Friday night. The crowd was loving him, cheering him on, and screaming his name. If Carl Cox is "Da Black Superman" then Marco Carola must be Batman or some other DC comic book character. He was incredible....and I swear I could see him itching for a third turntable too....

I felt so honored to be there and revelled in the fact that this was a last minute thing. Element patrons lucked the fuck out!!!

Peace Party People!
Nope, He's not in for the week. He came in on Friday and said:
"I wanna play a small gig tonight"
So John Lickrish (the techno guru) hooked it up as a last minute thing. Marco has now left to play a few mid-week gigs in North America before his return for "KLIP" on Saturday the 16th at the KoolHaus.

We'll see you there!
What an awesome night! My girlfriend says "Who's that tall guy behind the decks?"
OMG Marco Carola! What's going on?

What a sweet & smart techno set. The Element crowd got a wikked treat. I freaked out when he played "Brasil Over Zurich".
Went to see DJ Heather and spent most of the night upstairs. Lookin' forward to KLIP!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by d.code:
marco carola = batman?

That fits really well- because Gaetek would = robin.

Ahhh yes Gaetek would equal Robin.....Is that his techno spinning friend who is also from Naples, Italy? I believe I have seen the both of them spinning side by side at a FTWK night....of course fighting crime!

OK....so Gaetek is Robin, Marco Carola is Batman, Carl Cox is da Black Superman....

Would you look at that!! The Justice League of (ahem) TECHNO. Oh yes...and Wonder Woman would have to be Mistress Barbara....

Unfortunately I entered "the scene" at a late point in time. I missed out on those parties that happend at the last minute or parties that had a surprise DJ. Many friends remind me of times where big name djs just showed up and decided to play even though they were not mentioned on the bill. I now I know what they were talking about. What a treat! What luck. If only I could be that lucky when it came to 6/49.

My body is still feeling the affects of techno aftershock! I am sooooo glad I wore my running shoes.