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March 31st - Junior Sanchez - ALL NIGHT PARTY


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Bedlam Entertainment is pleased to announce our next event...

No Foolin'

Saturday March 31st 2007

Main Room: House/Techno/Trance

Junior Sanchez

Sean Keating
New vs Sleepy Jamie
Big Byrd
Cogswell C
Delicious MIke

+ Guest MC Spesh K

Second Room: Drum n Bass * MOLDYLOX'S B DAY BASH *

Moldylox vs Jerm vs Hamrsworth

Third Room: Urban/Hip Hop

Dub T + Spesh K+ Special Guests TBA soon.

The main room will run from 10pm-8am, the second and third rooms will run from 10pm-2am. These rooms are split up on two seperate floors and have dance floors in each room.

Atmosphere Entertainment supplies the baddest lights and sound show in Halifax and we have them for our shows. This makes an amazing night for everyone!


Only 300 Advance Available

3132 Isleville Street


Go get them while they last!

More $$ for the admission at the door after that.

Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair in the superstore on Barrington St has donated a box of goodies including:

- Insoles both male and female
- Polish
- Shoe Horn's
- Free Repair Coupons valued at $30+
- Boot Protectors
- Shoe Balls
- And much much more...

Sweetleaf Smokeshop is hooking us up again with some great prizes such as:

- Glass Bong
- Hand Grinder
- Assortment of blunt wraps and papers
- And more goodies (primetimes, screens, ect)

East Coast Lips Clothing Co. is also hooking up some giveaways for the event including:

- Shirts
- Hats
- Hoodies

More prizes TBA closer to the date!



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I just got back from driving Junior to the airport. He said this was one of the best parties he has played at in a while and give big ups to the crowd for jammin as hard as they did for him while he was bumpin

The giveaways,... well jesus we had a girl come in a neckbrace and jam her night away. Talk about a true raver!!! RAVE OR DIE! lol, well needless to say she won the grand prize of a $110 glass pyrex water pipe. I wish I had pictures but cameras were mostly dead around me when I was giving out the prizes. lol. Other prizes were plastic bong given to a wicked jamin dude that was swingin glow sticks around for hours, had to give him props and prize. WERD! As for all the other prizes, clothing, head massagers, shoe products, papers and pipes... if you got something and have a picture of yourself with the prize, please send it to me matthew@bedlam-entertainment.com and I will publish it online.

The recordings went ok, could have been setup a little better. For the first time it was really good, we got the whole 10 hours upstairs on my laptop, the other rooms ill let you know more when I know more if they got recorderd. However until I listen to it for sure I dont know but from what New and I could figure out ther ewas a lot of red linin on Sound Forge so we think that from Keating onward is going to be way too loud and distorted. Hopefully this isnt the case, but I will let you know in the next couple days. Kevin with Atmosphere Entertainment was recording Junior's set the whole time with his 10mp camera, so hopefully that will come out nice and we have a set full video and sound.

Whoa... i just kinda fell asleep here at the computer... lol I gotta get to sleep. Ill write more when I wake up tonight and hopefully have some pics for ya'll, if you haev some email them to me!!!!!

nite everyone lol