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March 29th - Fever in Hamilton

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by Willar X, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    Just thought I'd take the initiative to start up a new thread for this Friday.
    I'm gonna be making my debut at Fever and I'm all excited :)

    The lineup for this friday is:

    Big League Chu
    Dave Saddler
    Willar X
    Resident Soundboy

    Hope everyone can make it out. wOOp I can't wait.

    So who's in? :)

  2. Uncle Bobby

    Uncle Bobby TRIBE Promoter

    Yeah Willar!!!! See ya there!

  3. Thunder

    Thunder TRIBE Member


    I might be there!
  4. dawndalon

    dawndalon TRIBE Promoter

    Ohhhh! Willar! Im gonna be in Niagara that nite!! Maybe we can make it back in time for ur set. Good to see u playing in Hamilton!
  5. choosey

    choosey TRIBE Member

    how have the last 2 fridays at fever been?

    I havnt been out for the last two weeks, has there been lots of people?? I was thinking about going out on Friday, but my stoner friends are too freaking mellow to get off their asses. maybe i can convince a couple of them to go.
  6. allsides

    allsides TRIBE Member

    A little added bonus this week, Fever has had some touch up's made for the GoldClub series this Thursday of which we also reap the benefits. The place looks really good and it's a welcome change. this week the main room will start with old school hip-hop and end with house. The set times for this week are.

    10-12:30-Dave Saddler/Resident Soundboy
    12:30-2-Big League Chu/Switch
    2-cl-Willar X

    1:30-cl-Decepticon/Trevor James

    p.s. Don't forget about Rectangle and the Funky 1 next Friday some stores are running low on tickets and we are expecting to sell out. There will be tickets for sale at Fever this friday as well as a few free ticket giveaways.

  7. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    I think I'm going to make my way to hamilton this weekend!
  8. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    I'm playing in the Falls till just after 1am but im commin back most likely in time for the start of your set.

    See ya'll there, later than usual.

  9. joey

    joey TRIBE Member


    i should be there friday willar :)
  10. Big League Chu

    Big League Chu TRIBE Member

    Willar, You better bring out the hot women like blake did last week.
  11. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    yay! for willar coming to hamilton! Come up early with angus and cru and maybe we can d some yummi ass chicken wings, and BEER! oh, and definitly the greens :D

  12. 905IVE Crew

    905IVE Crew TRIBE Promoter

    No shit eh? i was gonna say it had somethng to do with you Colin but since you passed the buck onto Blake, hopefully this week will have just as many, if not more, hotties!!
  13. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    I'm bringing my friend,the one and only Me-shell. :)

    If you don't know, ask the Uncle.
    he has the answer haha

    I can't wait. should be a wicked night :)
    Angai.. u and Lis coming with me?

  14. Lambchops

    Lambchops TRIBE Member

    Willar: I'm not sure but I think so? :)
  15. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    Me-Shell is fucking beautiful. and really nice too!
    Where's the rest of the crew Willar... Drag Brad's lazy ass out for once. I havent seen him in ages.

  16. G-FrEsH

    G-FrEsH TRIBE Promoter

    Just for willar to be spinnin there is enough..
    ill be in attendance.
    Go Willar Go.. Go.. Go Willar Go.. Go.. Go willar Go GO...

  17. Uncle Bobby

    Uncle Bobby TRIBE Promoter

    Hey, you leave your uncle out of this!

  18. dawndalon

    dawndalon TRIBE Promoter

    I went to that Goldclub series thing last nite, and the bar looks really good! Our feet kept sticking to the floor tho...but Mike cleaned up!!! Haha...$2!!

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