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judge wopner

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dont fuck with terry grant.


Terry Grant is a full-blooded cowboy living in the wrong century. This Albertan has been a full time ranch cowboy for almost 25 years. An expert horseman and wilderness professional, hunting, guiding and tracking come second nature. Whether man or beast, he will track them down. His keen instincts, intense character, and specialized skills have made him a crucial member of the Foothills Search and Rescue Team for the last 12 years. Now, as the focus of MANTRACKER, Grant is up for this new challenge. His reputation is on the line and he doesn’t let up for a second. A steely-eyed cowboy with a killer, never-say-die attitude, Terry Grant is MANTRACKER.


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this is one of those threads i missed the first time only to have it come back and cut me like burning.
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i watched a mantracker marathon during thanksgiving weekend. being an avid backpacker that goes on 2 to 3 expeditions a year it really appeal to me. i want to be tracked.

what funny is i posted that i was watching it that day in the nobody cares thread, and made the point of commenting to thumpr that it was not a device for tracking hot men.
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