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Man...what a disappointment


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They resurrected Roulé after ten years to release this?

Fuck sakes, man...what happened to quality control?

It's nothing new (the phenomenon or my complaining about it), but how can the guys that made and released some of the best, most anthemic house music ever stoop to bashing out disposable crap like this and selling it on the hype of "BIG COLLABO!"

NB: Duck Sauce is Armand Van Helden and A-Trak


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good video to watch! they do mention going through 10 Roule's though. i chuckled cause i imagine diablo fuming out the ears watching this

le bricoleur

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diablo se plaignant de nouveau.

p.s. A-trak's twitter account says the Roule thing was a misprint.

Can't link at work, sorry.
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I agree Diablo, it is nothing new but I'm just glad to hear some disco flavor back into house music.

I'm feeling both tracks but "Anyway" is hot and can definitely see having commercial club appeal. Perhaps its a tune that will allow DJs to dust off some of those Roule & Crydamoure records (of which I'm dying to hear in a club).


it's got an armand vibe and a french er touch to it, what's the problem

the bar is far lower on this than on some of the really good french stuff, nor is it on par with armand's really good stuff.

that said, not all of the french stuff was of a certain vintage either, and nor was armand's.

i like the disco vibe personally, but it could be done better imo.

so then what's the problem? hell, not much.
but then again, what's so amazing about it? not much there either.
these days i don't stand much for mediocrity when there really is so much good music out there. that's just my thang tho.


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that's about the perfect summation, I actually have no real interest in this release. Ya I can't expand any further than your remarks. I still clutch on to my roule/crydamoure - this no further invigorates or deteriorates them in the least.

le bricoleur

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Perhaps its a tune that will allow DJs to dust off some of those Roule & Crydamoure records (of which I'm dying to hear in a club).

Just go to a hipster party. They're play all the time along with new french-style disco house by the likes of producers Shazam,The Phantom's Revenge,etc.


Anyway's a good tune.
Extremely Paul Johnson esque.

You could play any of his early Cajual and Riviera tunes right alongside this.


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this is really a nothing track isn't it? so done as a sound for me...

(as a footnote, roule with the accent means you've been had, which is sort of a variant the fool's gold concept...)


that is a sort of interesting connection.

but it could also means the "house" always wins, i.e. a winner for (the) house, both the label and the music genre, every time. depends on whether you're with the house or not i guess.

rather appropo considering the label logo's a roulette wheel, and of course the label's history.

but i kinda think they really didn't put a great deal of thought into the label, other than it looks and sounds kinda cool.

personally i like this music, but then i don't think good music really has an age. it's simple, its a good groove, its disco, and while i can appreciate newer stuff too, i'd be lying if i said i needed much more than a good groove to get me going.
when i pick music to buy, i always try to think if i'd want to play it 5 or 10 years from now, and use that as my decision maker.

in the case of Roulé i'd be proud today to play anything i've bought from that label(and i think i have most of, if not the entire catalogue), while i def can't say that about many labels, including Fool's Gold here.