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man...JERU is getting shit on!

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
easily one of the most shat on Lp's this year...with pretty much every critic sighting premeir's beats(or should i say lack thereof) as the cause for his de-railment...haven't listened to it yet but can imagine a post-premier decline of power for the damaja...any thoughts?
most of the new album, divine design, put out on his label ashenafi records, features production by jeru, and new producers ed dantes and sabor... i imagine it's hard to follow up primo and come out on top. i haven't heard the new album...but i'm down with most of the music that comes out of BK and without a doubt, jeru has got the talent and speaks truth, both of which are rare these days in hip hop. i'll give it a listen before i pass judgement...
I listened to it at the shop,it aint hot,but it aint weak either.Premiers beats are missed,but why wouldn't they be?
I'll have to give this a listen and see

I love Jeru and was just listening to Wrath Of The Math last night.