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Man-bag becoming target for UK theives

jocelyn dee

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Important news item taken from my Thompsons World Insurance News daily email news subscription:

A satchel-style bag for men that is replacing the traditional briefcase in the UK as a repository for valuables is becoming more popular. And a more popular target for thieves, says specialist insurer Hiscox. It warns many standard insurance policies do not cover theft of belongings outside the home. It advises anyone with a man-bag to consider a home insurance policy which covers all their possessions on an all-risks worldwide basis . . . So now it’s not only women who have to worry about their purses and bags being snatched. That’s gender equality.
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Ditto Much

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Women love my man bag, me want to be more like my when I carry my man bag. I made my man bag myself, with my own sewing machine. When your as macho and manly as I am you can drive chick cars and wear man bags without fear or concern.

For I am a manly man
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